2008 Recap

2008 was a really good year.  Here is a run down of some of my highlights:

  • Going to Arizona to a JRC law conference with John and getting to stay with my BFF Terri while we were there.  We have been friends since college and I miss her like crazy and wish we could live in the same town again.  Sigh.


  • Going to watch former President Clinton talk.  Even though it was a little boring, it was awesome to be there.  I got a Hillary Clinton button, and I got to shake his hand.


  • Going to see President-Elect Obama talk.  It honestly was a really cool thing.  We stood in line forever, froze our butts off, sat for hours on the floor waiting, but it was totally worth it.  I am so glad that I shoved my way to the front of the line so I could shake his hand.  I can now say that I have actually shook the President of the United States hand.  Political beliefs aside, how awesome is that? 


  • Shooting my second wedding for my Uncle Todd and my Aunt Sandy.  I felt much more prepared for theirs than I did for Rob and Canda’s (my first).  It was really fun, and I am truly grateful to them for taking a huge chance on me.

Todd and Sandy Robinson20080809_0015 

Rob and Canda

CR2 by you.

  • Actually making money from taking pictures.  This is my first year to ever make money off of something that I love so much.  I am also grateful to all my friends who allowed me into their homes, and into their lives to let me photograph them, and then to pay me on top of that! Thanks everyone!!


TSE2 by you.

TR3 by you.

 A9 by you.

TR5 by you.

MFam22 by you.

Brea Curry20080729_0026

BFam1 by you.

T58 by you.

SFam2-6 by you.

Mom and baby T21 by you.



TR6 by you.


B2 by you.



  • Going on vacation with just John and I.  We went to Devil’s Tower, and to Mount Rushmore.  I still have one more blog post I need to do about that trip!  It was so much fun to just take off and go.  We did so many fun things and created so many awesome memories.  I loved it.

Devils Tower1

Keystone SD


View of Mt. Rushmore. 





  • Going on my first helicopter ride.  This was such a great opprotunity and I am so happy that I was able to go.  I had a blast, took lots of pictures, and got paid for the whole day.  Seriously could it have been any better? 


  • Getting my full time job.  This has been a huge blessing for us and I don’t think I have ever express how grateful I am.  Not only does it pay well enough to pay our bills, but we also have health insurance which has been used by both of us on more than one occasion and this is an enormous blessing on its own.
  • Being brave enough to go to San Francisco by myself.  I didn’t want to, and I went completely against my will, but I went, and I had a great time and I felt like a stronger, braver person because of it. 
  • Having my little sister T get married to the love of her life, and finally getting her happy ever after.

TR Wedding by you.

  • Welcoming my sweet new newphew B, and getting to take his newborn pictures.  He is such a sweet little guy too.

Baby B & Mom

  • Getting to spend the entire summer with John not in school and not stressed out.  It was wonderful and sweet and peaceful.  I love peaceful things. 
  • Survived a tornadodespite our naivete.
  • IMG_5276 by you.
  • Going fishing with a real fishing license for the first time in my life, and having a fun time.  The weather was great, I was able to take pictures and just relax.  We didn’t catch anything, but I didn’t care.  I don’t like fish anyways. 



  • Winning a photo contest for 3 different pictures.  I won over $100 in prize money!
  • Having one of my pictures from that photo contest chosen for all of the summer advertising for our area.  It was printed all over the place with my name on it too.  I have never been so excited in my life.

Feeding the Ducks 


  • Having John finish his first year of law school, and having both of us survive it. 
  • Meeting new friends here, and getting reacquainted with old ones from high school.
  • Spending Christmas in our own way.
  • Celebrating my 7 year anniversary to the man I love.

This has really been a great year and I have big plans, and high hopes for 2009!


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