Fancy Cheese

I love cheese.  I love fancy cheese the most.  You know the special cheese at the store, the ones that get their very own case because heaven forbid it sit next to the regular everyday cheese, that is the cheese I love.  If I was rich and fancy I would eat rich fancy cheese and bon-bons all day while my maid cleaned my house and did my laundry.  I would kick back on my overstuffed couch watching soaps and eating fancy stuff all day.  But alas I am not rich or fancy, and I don’t have a maid or an overstuffed couch, and I don’t know what bon-bons really even are.  What I do have is my Fancy Cheese Party once a year with just John and I at Christmas.  It has become another of our Christmas traditions and I didn’t get time to blog about it in December.  Every year we save a little Christmas money so we can buy some overpriced food and we have a carpet picnic in the living room while we watch It’s a Wonderful Life.  I look forward to it every year and I start picking out the cheese in like October. 

We get smoked cheese.

party6 by you.

And we get Brie.  Last year it was really gross but we tried the kind you bake this year and liked it much better.

party5 by you.

We get cheese balls, because it wouldn’t be Christmas time without one.  I mostly just like to eat the outside that has all the nuts and leave the guts for John. 

party4 by you.

I am trying to learn to like fish so John bought this smoked Salmon fish for me to try.  I had about 1/16th of a inch worth and I was done.  I just don’t know if fish will ever by my thing. 

party3 by you.

I love this garlic cheese spread, it’s one of my favorites.

party2 by you.

And of course we have to drink sparkling juice to complete the fanciness. 

party by you.

We had tons of other food too.  Way more than 2 people could ever eat, but that’s how we like to do it.  It’s a fun thing to splurge on once in a while.