Big Plans

My little friend Peanut finally made it to my house today.  I am lucky enough to have her stay for 4 days, and Sunday is even her 4th birthday, so I get to have her at my house for that.  I have big plans for our time together, big plans which include:

Dressing up

Tea Parties
Birthday Cakes (notice this is plural)
Falling asleep together on the living room floor watching Beauty and the Beast
Birthday Decorations
Making Cookies
Nonstop cartoon watching
Songs and snuggles
Staying in our jammas as long as we want
Toys and playing
ore Swimming
Playing babies
Shopping at the toy store and letting her pick out whatever she wants
Letting her sleep in my bed so she won’t be scared.  Johnny was sweet enough to sleep in the guest room.
Washing our blankies together (she only lets me wash her blanket, so it gets pretty nasty in between visits)

I have decided that while she is here the dishes can wait, the bed doesn’t need to be made, or the laundry done.  We are going to play and have fun.  It is going to be a great couple of days.