I was lucky enough to have Peanut stay with us on her birthday.  Her mom sent down a cake for her to decorate and it was the first thing we did the night she got here.  She couldn’t wait any longer.

df2 by you.

df3 by you.

df4 by you.

df5 by you.

df6 by you.

She also made us change into our pajamas very first thing, even though it was only 5 pm.  She wanted to wear my fuzzy socks, and those cat slippers she is wearing are the ones that she gave me for Christmas.

df8 by you.

After dinner she wanted to wear her other pajamas while she cut her cake.


We had a great first night.


4 thoughts on “Peanut

  1. So dang cute! Looks like you had a great time. When Brinley saw the pic of you and Peanut in the last post she kept calling your name and screaming at me to look at your picture. It was hilarious, she misses you and Yawn! (As do I)

  2. Oh tell Brinley we miss her too. We will have to get together soon. I haven’t seen you in person in like over a month! That’s crazy!

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