My Brother’s Family

I was going through my picture files and I forgot about these cute pictures that I had took of my brother Nick’s family.  They just found out that their 4th baby is going to be a boy, so they will have 2 of each.  Their kids are adorable.

Here is Baby B.  Look at his poor sweaty little head.  He is done wearing his helmet luckily!

BabyB by you.

Here is Nermal, she is a nut.

ERE1 by you.

Nothing like having a sister.

Sisters by you.

More Nerm.  She is the only one who sits for pictures for me.

ERE2 by you.

Plus I am jealous of her amazing hair.  It is SO pretty!

ERE by you.

And this is where they get their looks.

E girls by you.

E girls2 by you.

Baby B is so sweet and his smile is the best.

bb by you.

Here is Elga, she is the leader of this pack.

ee by you.

CE by you.


And more vintage looking.



One thought on “My Brother’s Family

  1. What darling kids! I saw your quest/post on PW Cooks about making bread…check out my step-by-step half white/half wheat bread recipe on my blog at….I am editing a video tutorial on how to make 100% whole wheat bread. I hope I can help!

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