For the Love of Cake Stands

I have this thing with cake stands, I love them.  I have too many as it is and I am always on the hunt for more.  The prettier the better.

I love this one because it is pink.

cake2 by you.

And I love the lid on this.

cake by you.

When I saw this in my mom’s shop I knew it was going to be mine.  Obviously it is now.  The gold color is amazing!

cake3 by you.

Johnny saved his money and bought me this one.  It was way over priced but I was in love with it, and he is in love with me so he is indulges me 🙂

cake4 by you.

And this is my first one.  Plain and simple, from Target I think, but I use it all the time. 

cake5 by you.

If anyone ever wants to buy me a present, but me more of these 😉

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