Give That Photo A Name

Let’s see who can come up with the best title for this photo.

Erickson Family Album (97)

P.S. my shirt glowed in the dark.


7 thoughts on “Give That Photo A Name

  1. Wow that is priceless…”Monster truck rally rolls into podunk Wyoming town”

    FYI No offense really (you know that)…plus, you know how I feel about this state 🙂

  2. Holy hotness! i will be thinking of a great title. What do I win? That giant hairbow Halie is wearing? And to think I thought you guys were the cool cousins. lol

  3. KaLee that is freaking hilarious for a title! It’s so fitting!

    Kayla I am laughing so hard at your entire post. Halie loved those bows didn’t she?

  4. Okay, this is the winner. And only because this is what me and Brad call ourselves. “White Trash With A Little Cash” It’s perfect! And of course you know I don’t think you are white trash. I just love saying it! 🙂

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