YW Lesson #6 Finding Joy Now

Here are my handouts for lesson #6.  I am going to use President Monson’s talk from this last conference called Finding Joy In the Journey.  It fits perfect.  And for my treat I used Almond Joy’s. 


For the handouts I used a quote from the above referenced talk, and then I listed 3 scriptures on Joy that I liked.  The handout works with or without the candy treat.  Hope these help.


Click here for the handout: joy-now2

 Here is my link on Sugardoodle.


3 thoughts on “YW Lesson #6 Finding Joy Now

  1. Yay! You are forcing me to prepare early! Thank you,thank you. That is one of my favorite talks ever. Every time I read it, I start to cry. My Laurels are used to me crying by now, so I’m still gonna use it!

  2. Emily I love that talk too! I am trying to get my lessons done a week ahead. I would love to be one of those people who got their lessons done a month in advance. That will never happen 🙂

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