25 Random Things About Me

I did this on Facebook too.

1.  I don’t drink soda pop. Ever.  I can’t swallow the bubbles.


2.  I have this lotion disorder.  I have to have lotion at all times with me or by me or I can’t get water or dirt or anything on my hands or I will freak out. 


3.  I have been married for 7 years to my amazing husband.


4.  I am a freakin good Aunt; I just wish I lived by my nieces and nephews.


5.  I love weekends where I have nothing to do.


6.  I have social anxiety.  I get so freaky if I have to go to a party where I don’t know anyone.  I swear it makes my skin crawl.


7.  People think I am not nice because I don’t talk much when I first meet people.  But mostly I am trying to not throw up because I am so nervous. 


8.  I love being from Wyoming.  I LOVE Wyoming and I don’t care for people who don’t like it. 


9.  I got married when I was 21 and I thought that was old.  Now I am wondering what my parents were thinking letting me get married that young!


10.  I have an unhealthy addiction towards all things celebrity gossip.  I am trying to cut back.


11.  I own and jam out to A LOT of Britney Spears songs.  My husband just hangs his head in shame.


12.  My best friend Terri lives in Arizona and I miss her like crazy.


13.  I would take a salty treat over a sweet one any day.


14.  I don’t like pushy, high maintenance people.  They give me anxiety and I avoid them at all costs. 


15.  I work in Human Resources and I love it.  The best part is that I didn’t even apply for this job, I had applied for another position and they pulled my application and called me for an interview.  Here I am a year and half later.


16.  My last semester of college I took a class called The History of Rock and Roll.  I literally never went to that class and still got a B+.  What a waste of my time and money.


17.  If I could do it over again I would have gotten a degree in Photography instead of Business.  Oh well. 


18.  I LOVE watermelon gum.  I eat 5-8 sticks a day. 


19.  On average I drink over 150 ounces of water a day.


20.  I don’t cook.  I would starve if my husband didn’t cook me breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I am not kidding.


21.  I am saving my money to buy a maid for my house.


22.  I could take pictures and edit them all day and be blissfully happy doing it. 


23.  I like having my hair long.  I just don’t get why it bugs people that I have long hair. 


24.  I don’t like animals.  Let me clarify before you freak out.  I don’t like touching animals, they make my hands feel dirty and dry.  Please read #2. 


25.  I love living in here and I wouldn’t mind if we ended up staying here.