I currently have 2 friends who are actively trying to adopt.  The new thing in adoption, in case you didn’t know, is for the family to search out their birth mom.  This means they turn to family and friends to help them out.  I thought I would post about both of them here just in case anyone knows of someone who is thinking about placing a baby, or who is pregnant and still unsure about what to do. 

Liz and Rick are trying to adopt their first baby. 

Here is a link to their page:

  Here is a little intro:

We started our family April 30th 2005 in the Seattle Washington LDS Temple. We are now trying to grow our family through the miracle of adoption. We have been given so many blessings in our life together and can’t wait to add a little one to our family. Please feel free to contact us through our profile link below if you have any questions about our family and our adoption process. Or you can email us at

Our Little Family

This is Spencer and Wendy and little Roman.  They adopted Roman and are now trying to adopt again so Roman can be a big brother.  Here is a link to their blog:

They have a wonderful adoption story and you can read about it on a blog that Wendy co-authors with Roman’s birth mom Mommy Katie.  Here is a link:

We are a Happy Family!

I also have links to all of their pages on my sidebar.  Thanks for looking! 


One thought on “Adoption

  1. Carolyn -Thank you! Like Liz said everything helps and I really appreciate you posting about us too. We really do need to get together next time you are in town!

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