Holy Long Day

Did anyone else have a crappy long day, or was it just me?  Just me huh?  Well this is how my day goes.  

5:10 my alarms goes off.  I pull my lazy tired ornery self out of bed.  I grab my blanket and drag it out to the living room.  I stumble and finally crash down on the couch were John is waiting for me with a pillow on his lap, as he does every morning.  He turns on the EARLY morning news as I try to convince myself to open my eyes. 

This continues on for 15 minutes before, grumbling again, I drag myself up, wrap that same stinkin blanket around me and make my way into my office where I check my blogs and celebrity gossip, which is my equivalent to a cup of coffee.  10-15 minutes of this and I am finally awake enough to shower and get ready for the day. 

I plug in my iPod and jam while I am showering and getting ready.  I have speakers in the bathroom for my iPod, it’s the greatest thing ever.  After staring blankly at my closet for what seems like ages I choose an outfit and throw it on.  By now I have wasted too much time and I am running very late.  I finish putting on my mascara which I always save as my very last thing to put on because it is such a pain.  I run to the kitchen where Johnny has my plate of scrambled egg whites waiting for me, they are usually cold by the time I get to them.   I scarf them down, pack my cheese stick, orange, and little carton of egg whites that Johnny has made me for lunch and run out the door.  It is now 6:55. 

I get to work by 7:00 which I love because I have the whole first hour to myself and it is quiet.  No phones are ringing, no one comes in, I can get more done in this first hour than I can all day sometimes. 

8:15-12:00 was a blur of annoyances, paperwork, phone calls, e-mails, and employees.  I am finally so frazzled and frustrated from sitting in my office which has no windows, nor is there even a window within viewing distance.  I have sat there all morning without hardly getting out of chair.  I am done.  I need to get out.  

I grab my coat, my wallet and I jet.  I am now on a mission.  There is a candy shop just 4 blocks away from my office and the homemade caramels they have there are beckoning me.  Before I leave I check the weather.  34 degrees, but it feels like 12.  Oh yeah and 38 mph winds.  I can take it, I need those caramels too bad to not risk it.  The walk down felt like I was in a wind tunnel, but I pressed forward.  My ears were throbbing by the time I made it there. 

“I would like 6 of those caramels” I tell the cashier.  She rings me up, $7.50 please she asks.  Totally worth the $1.25 a caramel, I would have paid triple that today if I had to.  “Are these a gift” says the sweet candy lady.  “Nope these are for me because it has been a long day at work” I say.  She gets really flustered and embarrassed, I don’t, I laughed I thought it was funny.  I honestly just purchased 6 huge caramels, it is only natural to think they would be a gift.  But they were not, they were for me.  Well me and John, he works where I do, so I shared 2 with him.  I have to ration them out.  I need these babies to last me through Friday.  

It melts in my mouth and suddenly my day gets brighter.  I enjoy it while I can, 5:10 A.M. comes too soon and it all starts over again.  I am trapped in the movie Groundhog Day.


4 thoughts on “Holy Long Day

  1. I seem to have an inkling that today is Wednesday…it must be with how your day went. Mine was a day full of cleaning, nothing fun. Steve was done early so he came home to watch baby B and I went to town! Kitchen, laundry room, master bath and bedroom, did laundry, cleaned out couches, moved furniture to vacuum. The whole shebang! I still have a bit left to do but I got a chunk of it done and it feels wonderful but I sure am beat.

  2. I am so glad that you read my blog! I have too many good memories with you, and I totally don’t care about you on my blog because I think I’m a blog stalker! So where do you live now? I love your pictures, I need to drive to wherever you are so that you can take pics for me!! I’m also commenting on your mom’s talents you are so right!! We stayed at the cabins and it was sooo CUTE! She really does have a boutique/vintage ecclectic flair and it is just sublime!

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