Monday Night Confessions

Oh what to confess, what to confess.  Lets start with:

  • I have gone one whole entire week without eating any meat.  And it didn’t kill me.  But I won’t lie, today I really wanted a piece of chicken and Johnny talked me down. 
  • I put in a good 10 hours of work today.  And it’s not looking any better until May.  I will be hating my life for the next 3 months.   
  • After my week last week I swear I was wondering how long I could make our tax return last so that I could quit, but as you can see from the bullet point above I never figured it out.  Too bad I love food and a warm place to live.
  • I may or may not have a tattoo.
  • Last night I had this crazy dream that someone stole my camera and my purse, and it turned out to be some weird homeless kid with dirty grubby hands.  Is that weird I remember their yucky dirty hands? 
  • The other day John and I were watching TV and this commercial came on:

    And in disgust I asked him if I bought that computer if people would smack me on the butt and randomly make out with me in the streets to which he replied, “I sure hope not”. 
  • When I was younger I always wished I had blond hair and brown eyes.  My little niece Nermga has blond hair and brown eyes and I am secretly jealous of her 😉
  • Last week was a really bad week for #12 on my list

Happy Monday everyone!  I am hoping you all had a better one than I did 🙂

One thought on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. I think blond hair and brown eyes is so beautiful too. I just wanted one of my kids to have dark brown eyes like my mom but it’s probably not genetically possible with Mark and I.Like I know but I am guessing! lol

    BTW Carolyn, you crack me up daily. 🙂

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