Indian Wedding Bracelets

In college I had a good friend from India.  Her name was Kajal and she was so fun to visit with.  We had long discussions about religion and marriage.  She was fabulously smart and her husband was a professor on campus.  She was the first and only person I have ever known in real life whose marriage was an actual arranged marriage.  Her story was fascinating.  She only met her husband 2 weeks before they got married.  He had come to the States to teach and he had a girlfriend over here and his family was really upset with him about it.  After 2 years of dating they broke up and he called his parents and told them to find him a wife.  He flew over to India and married Kajal 2 weeks later. 

Crazy I said, you must be crazy.  I was a newly engaged gal who was obviously convinced my Western thoughts on marriage were the only sane way to go.  But after talking to her and listening to her story it made me think that maybe in some cases it was ok to do it her way.  I was planning my wedding at the time and she came with me when I picked up my wedding dress after my final fitting.  She wanted to show me her wedding dress.  It was the most beautiful pink sari I have ever seen.  The beading was stunning.  The veil she wore weighed about 20 pounds it had so many beads on it.  She told me all about her wedding day and I wish I could have been there; it sounded amazing.  I would love to attend a real Indian wedding.  She showed me pictures of her beautiful Henna tattoos that covered the palms of her hands.  She said they took hours to apply.

  She gave me some of her wedding bracelets since I was getting married too.  They are glass and they make the prettiest sound when they clink together.  I am so sad because I have broken 2 of them.  But I have 6 of them left and I love them and that she was so sweet to share them with me. 


I wish I would have stayed in touch with her.  After I got married I stopped going to school because we could only afford for John to go and I lost touch with her by the time I went back to school.  I suck at staying in touch with people, this needs to me on my goal list.