Tax Returns

John and I got our taxes done last week and we are super excited to be getting some money back.  I love tax return time because it is always fun to see how much money we are going to get back.  But I swear it seems like every year at this time one of our cars breaks down or we have some other major expense come up so we never get to do anything fun. 

This year right on schedule our car did have issues and it cost us over $500 to fix it.  But we still have money leftover and I have been plotting all sorts of great ways to spend it.  I would love to go on a huge spending spree and blow it all, but then sensibility sets in.  I hate sensibility don’t you?  I came home the other day and begged and pleaded with John for a new camera lens.  I told him how it would turn my life around, make me a better person, give me a purpose in life.  Luckily for me he agreed with all my rationale and said I could!  Needless to say I am over the moon about that.

We also are going to put some away and save up for a trip to Disneyland with my Mom and Dad, Manny, Peanut and Lu, and Randa’s family and whoever else in the family wants to save up and go.  Mom and Dad are plotting bake sales and lemonade stands to earn their money so if you are ever cruising around in their neighborhood stop and buy a brownie, it’s all for a very good cause.

So those are some of our plans for tax return money this year, what about you?  Does anyone get to just spend their entire return on fun stuff?  If so I want to know who you are and all the fantastic things you are buying.  Do you save it?  Pay bills?  Fix up your house?  What?   


4 thoughts on “Tax Returns

  1. oooo…what lense are you getting? I am looking at getting a new lense with mine as well! But I don’t know which one to go with! And if you are going to be in Utah in May…you should come shoot a wedding with me!

  2. Kayla she is missing her calling! I will make sure to tell her that you think so too!

    You know I would LOVE to shoot a wedding with you! How fun would that be? I haven’t decided on a lens yet but have you tried any Tamron ones before? I am leaning that way because they are more affordable and I have heard good things about them.

  3. Thats so awesome that you’re getting a refund. We sometimes get one (we are business owners so ocassionaly we owe…lame) but, this year if we get one i want to take the kids to Disneyland so bad I can taste it! There’s a jedi training camp there that Jack is dying to do!

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