The Eye Doctor

Today I had my eyes dilated for the first time ever.  My pupils were the size of flying saucers.  I looked either stoned or possessed, I can’t decide which.  I attempted to text message and I couldn’t see the letters so John had to do it for me.  He hates texting.  It stung my eyes, made them twitch, and made me sick to my stomach.  Luckily it was at the end of my day so I didn’t have to go back to work.  Over all I did not love my trip to the eye doctor.

Mrs. Carolyn Beth Goes to Washington

Ok not really Washington, but I did go to the Legislature today.  My boss and I took a day away from the office to go and join up with another HR group for a full blown day at the Legislature.  It started with lunch and networking.  FYI I loathe networking, it falls into that social anxiety thing I have talked about earlier.  Then we had some representative come and talk to us, during which time we were texting back and forth about the boringness fascinating points of his talk. 

Next it was off to the Capital. 


It was a lovely building.  I think I would like to live there and dress in big fancy ball gowns like Scarlett O’Hara and float down these stairs all day while my maids and servants fanned me with feather fans and scrubbed my floors like Cinderella.


That is real Italian marble, and did you know that it comes out of the ocean/sea/body of water, and that you can tell it is real because you can spot little dead fish fossils in it?  Just a little fact that I learned from my old lady tour guide today.

We went and listened to these boring dudes talk about really boring stuff that had no bearing on my job or life at the moment.


And the whole time I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them were checking in on their facebook, or updating their facebook status.  Because that is what I wished I was doing.  Damn you facebook and your mind controlling powers.

And then when I came home I told John that he needs to be the Governor because I want to be the First Lady.  He told me to be Govenor because he has no interest in the job.  But I don’t want to be Governor, I said, I want to be First Lady.  He held his ground.  Dang it John why are you always dashing my dreams like that?


The whole thing reminded me of high school when I joined Junior Legislature for no other reason than the free trip and a few days off of school.  We did nothing but pass inappropriate notes back and forth and make fun of the people who actually were trying to learn and better themselves and get something out of the trip.  Good times. 

Monday Night Confessions

Here we go again.

  • Starting today I am going Vegetarian.  Why you ask?  Is it because I believe that killing animals to eat their yummy meat is wrong?  Not really, that is way too deep for me, and well to tell you the truth I am superficial.  So the real reason?  Well if you have seen my skinny freakin sister T who has done this for a few years now you would understand.  If I could look half as good as she does it would be worth giving up meat.  Wish me luck.
  • As I type I am drinking some weird diet tea.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about the side effects that are going to manifest themselves tomorrow.  Again wish me luck with this.
  • Last weekend John and I watched The Duchess and I was fairly disturbed by it.  Seriously has anyone else watched that? 
  • Speaking of movies, my favorites are Sweet Home Alabama and The Devil Wears Prada.  I have watched both well over 200 times.  I could almost quote them for you.  I really need to get a life.   
  • When I was in school I hated Wednesdays because they were chocolate milk day and I hated chocolate milk and everyone looked at me like I was a freak when I grabbed a carton of white milk. 
  • I hate milk, and I always wished they had given out little bottles of water for school lunch instead.
  • I can’t whistle. 

Hope everyone has a good week!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Yesterday when I came home from getting my hair done Johnny had my Valentine’s present all set out. 

The other day when we were at the store I saw these little envelopes and was telling John how much I NEEDED them.  I love weird midget stuff like this and I don’t know why.  He just smiled and went back later and bought them to use for my Valentine’s present.  Each envelope had a sweet note inside. 


There were 7 roses, one for each letter of my name.


He knows how much I love music, and iTunes cards are my favorites because I get to buy songs guilt free.  He also bought me some yummy candy and a bag of those caramels I was raving about the other day.


Holy Mighty I LOVE this man.


Name Crisis And Nicknames

So back in High School I had a major name crisis.  It is kinda like an identity crisis, but not.  My name as you can see from my blog is Carolyn Beth.  I used to hate my first name.  I mean who names their child Carolyn I used to think.  It is such an Aunt name.  Think about it, you without a doubt will know someone with an Aunt Carolyn.  Now I am fine with that as we have already established I kick trash at being an Aunt.  But not in High School.  I hated it.  I was sure that my Mom had made a huge mistake and I, being the smart, hormonal, nothing in the world is right, everyone hates me, life sucks mode took it upon myself to make a few minor changes to my name.  I wasn’t crazy enough to outright change my name, I just tweaked it a little.  I had convinced myself that Caroline Beth was much cooler, more elegant and pretty.  Plus everyone called me that anyway because they thought that is what it was, so I figured I would just go with it.  I would turn in my school papers with the name Caroline Beth on it, I would doodle it all day in my margins, I have even set up my e-mail accounts in that name!  But to be fair I come by this name thing honestly. 

When you grow up in a family like mine you had a nickname before you were born.  And then once you were born you had 6-10 more and as you grew the names would evolve.  It’s great, unless you are an in-law and you are trying to keep everyone straight because we all have tons of names and everyone calls each other something different.   

Holy crap I have a brother named Clint, and he goes by Ralph.  In fact I think he used to even sign his checks Ralph Erickson.  Everyone in High School called him Ralph, I sometimes forget his name isn’t Ralph. 

Nick goes by Norton, or just Nort.  His wife even calls him that. 

My little Terri has had just about as many nicknames as poor Rob.  Terri answers to Chicken, Chicken lips, Chicken legs (she had a bad case of Chicken Pox, that is where those started from), T, Tnut, Tslut, Big Terr (she named herself that thanks), Teeny woman, Baby, Worm, and Tbag.  I am sure I have left out tons. 

My poor little brother Rob though, he has had more than anyone.  Granted he made up most of them himself.  He has answered and still answers to, Bunky, Bunky Nibbles, Bunk, Cowboy, Prince Phillip, Farmer, Cowpoke, Stick (Yeah we called the poor kid Stick, like all the time, and in public, we said it like it was normal, we called him STICK, what was wrong with us?!?) 

Halie just goes by LuLu, LuLa, or Lu. 

Randa doesn’t really have any, I’m not exactly sure what happened with that. 

And since we are all friends here I will even tell you my nickname.  Carla.  Yup, Carla.  And the sweet variations that go with my name are Carla Faye Tucker (the only woman executed in Texas for killing her husband with an ice pick) Carla Faye, Carlie (My mom calls me that) and then just Care, that is what my nieces and nephews call me, it is easier to say than Aunt Carolyn. 

I call my Dad Texas.  I have called him Texas since I was in High School and I still do.  I have his number programed in my phone as Texas and when he answers I say Hi Tex, or Texas and he says Hi Carla.  And sometimes to be funny we call each other by our real names and it makes us burst out laughing on the phone we think it’s so funny to say Rob and Carolyn.  I love my Dad.    

Also you were never truly accepted into the family without a nickname.  All new inlaws gets at least one.  And our friends always got nicknames.  In fact I have one friend from High School and to this day I can’t say her name right because I keep trying to say the nickname my dad gave her.  These were always curteousy of my Dad too.  He is the King of nicknames. 

And to be honest I have the nickname sickness too.  I just want to give people nicknames.  My cousin Shanna has a boy named Drew and I can’t just call him Drew, I have to call him Punky Drewster, or just Punky or Punk.  I can’t help myself.  All of my nieces and nephews have nicknames too.  Nick’s gal is Ellga, one is Nermal, or Nermal Cat, or Nermga because it sounds good with Ellga.  Peanut has been LaRue, and then Rue and then Faye LaRue.  Randa has a Bubba, and and Alley Cat, and a Nona Lisa. 

It is a sickness I tell you, a true sickness. 

Anyone else want to share their nicknames?  Come on don’t be scared.

Holy Long Day

Did anyone else have a crappy long day, or was it just me?  Just me huh?  Well this is how my day goes.  

5:10 my alarms goes off.  I pull my lazy tired ornery self out of bed.  I grab my blanket and drag it out to the living room.  I stumble and finally crash down on the couch were John is waiting for me with a pillow on his lap, as he does every morning.  He turns on the EARLY morning news as I try to convince myself to open my eyes. 

This continues on for 15 minutes before, grumbling again, I drag myself up, wrap that same stinkin blanket around me and make my way into my office where I check my blogs and celebrity gossip, which is my equivalent to a cup of coffee.  10-15 minutes of this and I am finally awake enough to shower and get ready for the day. 

I plug in my iPod and jam while I am showering and getting ready.  I have speakers in the bathroom for my iPod, it’s the greatest thing ever.  After staring blankly at my closet for what seems like ages I choose an outfit and throw it on.  By now I have wasted too much time and I am running very late.  I finish putting on my mascara which I always save as my very last thing to put on because it is such a pain.  I run to the kitchen where Johnny has my plate of scrambled egg whites waiting for me, they are usually cold by the time I get to them.   I scarf them down, pack my cheese stick, orange, and little carton of egg whites that Johnny has made me for lunch and run out the door.  It is now 6:55. 

I get to work by 7:00 which I love because I have the whole first hour to myself and it is quiet.  No phones are ringing, no one comes in, I can get more done in this first hour than I can all day sometimes. 

8:15-12:00 was a blur of annoyances, paperwork, phone calls, e-mails, and employees.  I am finally so frazzled and frustrated from sitting in my office which has no windows, nor is there even a window within viewing distance.  I have sat there all morning without hardly getting out of chair.  I am done.  I need to get out.  

I grab my coat, my wallet and I jet.  I am now on a mission.  There is a candy shop just 4 blocks away from my office and the homemade caramels they have there are beckoning me.  Before I leave I check the weather.  34 degrees, but it feels like 12.  Oh yeah and 38 mph winds.  I can take it, I need those caramels too bad to not risk it.  The walk down felt like I was in a wind tunnel, but I pressed forward.  My ears were throbbing by the time I made it there. 

“I would like 6 of those caramels” I tell the cashier.  She rings me up, $7.50 please she asks.  Totally worth the $1.25 a caramel, I would have paid triple that today if I had to.  “Are these a gift” says the sweet candy lady.  “Nope these are for me because it has been a long day at work” I say.  She gets really flustered and embarrassed, I don’t, I laughed I thought it was funny.  I honestly just purchased 6 huge caramels, it is only natural to think they would be a gift.  But they were not, they were for me.  Well me and John, he works where I do, so I shared 2 with him.  I have to ration them out.  I need these babies to last me through Friday.  

It melts in my mouth and suddenly my day gets brighter.  I enjoy it while I can, 5:10 A.M. comes too soon and it all starts over again.  I am trapped in the movie Groundhog Day.


I currently have 2 friends who are actively trying to adopt.  The new thing in adoption, in case you didn’t know, is for the family to search out their birth mom.  This means they turn to family and friends to help them out.  I thought I would post about both of them here just in case anyone knows of someone who is thinking about placing a baby, or who is pregnant and still unsure about what to do. 

Liz and Rick are trying to adopt their first baby. 

Here is a link to their page:

  Here is a little intro:

We started our family April 30th 2005 in the Seattle Washington LDS Temple. We are now trying to grow our family through the miracle of adoption. We have been given so many blessings in our life together and can’t wait to add a little one to our family. Please feel free to contact us through our profile link below if you have any questions about our family and our adoption process. Or you can email us at

Our Little Family

This is Spencer and Wendy and little Roman.  They adopted Roman and are now trying to adopt again so Roman can be a big brother.  Here is a link to their blog:

They have a wonderful adoption story and you can read about it on a blog that Wendy co-authors with Roman’s birth mom Mommy Katie.  Here is a link:

We are a Happy Family!

I also have links to all of their pages on my sidebar.  Thanks for looking!