White Girls Love Rap Music Too

I have about wore out the current songs on my iPod so today I went in search of some new ones.  I don’t know hardly any of the new artists on iTunes so I decided to see what I could find when I typed in “The Best of the 90s”.  I haven’t stopped laughing all day.  I bought a few, but my favorite purchase which has actually made me burst out laughing about 10 different times sitting here alone in my house is California Love by none other than 2Pac.  In college my BFF Terri and I would cruise around in her little white 2 door car, which we lovingly called Carly, and blast Rap music.  I mean we blasted it.  Not only that but we sang our sweet little white girl hearts out.  Terri was always better at lyrics and I was always amazed at her mad skills when it came to memorizing an entire song word for word.  She could rap with the best of them. 

One summer we decided at 10 o’clock at night that it would be fun to drive to Vegas.  So we did.  We loaded up her little white car one hot summer July night, borrowed a bunch of CD’s from her friend Julia and took off.  The CD that we pretty much jammed to the entire trip was Snoop Dogg.  HAHA.  We were 20 and we thought we were as cool as they came. 

And if I remember right Terri, you always thought that 2Pac was never really dead.  Right?!? 🙂