Our Foray Into “Vegetarianism”

John and I are over 2 weeks and going strong.  John is counting down the days until he is done, but I don’t really mind it.  I have decided to see this through Lent thanks to Melissa.  I think this is doable.

 Keep in mind that I use the term Vegetarian very very loose.   The hardest part for me is eating out.  I love salads when I eat out, but the best part of the salads that I get is the chicken.  So I have stopped getting salads and I have found other things to eat without meat.  I could just order the salad sans chicken but it just wouldn’t be the same. 

At home we have had to be a little more creative but nothing crazy.  When this started John made me promise NO tofu so we haven’t tried any of that.  We do still eat eggs and cheese (remember that I said I use the term loosely) so we have had some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.  Another yummy thing to try is grilled hummus and feta cheese sandwiches.  They are my new favorite thing.  We have done some great pasta with artichoke hearts, and of course you can’t beat waffles and strawberries.  We also eat a lot of salads at home.  We use a lot of fruit and nuts and beans and corn in our salads. 

So that is a little update on the no meat thing.  If anyone has any good suggestions for meals that we could try that don’t include meat let me know I would love to try them out.


4 thoughts on “Our Foray Into “Vegetarianism”

  1. I came across this and thought of you…so try it and tell me if its good! Cracker Delight :
    1 box saltines..so I’m assuming that means four packages ..thats what is in a box.
    In large tupperware bowl or covered dish , combine 1 package dry ranch dressing , 1 and 1/4 cup oil..canola or olive oil (those have more flavor than vegtable) and 1 Tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes. Pour over crackers and gently toss around until crackers are coated. Do this about every 15 min. for an hour. These stay crispy in a covered container for several days..

  2. I found your blog threw Sugar Doodle and read this and thought May be you would like our health blog!? We have lots of yummy recipes. And a life without meat is SOOOO worth living! Well maybe not without Alaskin Salmon. 🙂

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