Sister Pickle

I have a pickle obsession.  I love them.  If you ask me my favorite thing to eat, pickles will be my answer.  I have loved them ever since I was a little girl.  One of the best things in the world is a pickle sandwich which consists of white Wonder Bread, pickles and a little sliver of cheese.  The pickles would always soak through the bread and make it soggy which I didn’t love, but other than that it was heaven.

Still to this day I can eat more pickles than anyone you have ever seen.  When I eat a burger I have a sky high pile of pickles on top.  When I go out to eat I always order extra pickles with my meal.  Just this last week and a half I ate a huge jar of pickles by myself.

In high school I worked at the Super Star Drive-in where I was exposed to the most amazing thing ever, bulk pickles.  I would get a little boat that we put fries in, and fill it to the top with pickles and munch on them through my shift.  People I worked with thought I was crazy and bet me I couldn’t eat pickles and ice cream.  Easiest money I ever won, I can eat pickles with anything. 

Growing up I only lived a mile away from my Great Grandma Emily and I would always ride my bike to her house.  When you went to Grandma’s she was always worried if you were hungry or not.  Without fail she would offer you a “dish of fruit” or some ice cream or whatever else you could find.  I would always eat her pickles.  For my 6th grade graduation from Osmond Elementary she got me my very own bottle of pickles.  She also used to call me Sister Pickle, it was her own little nickname for me and I adored it. 

When John and I moved back to Osmond a couple of years ago I came home one day to find a huge bottle of pickles on my porch that said “Welcome Home.  Love Uncle Steve and Aunt Betty”.  John thought it was hilarious they got me pickles.   

My Aunt Alice makes homemade pickles every year and cans them.  They are a delight and I hoard her pickles and eat them only for special times.  And when I go up home to Mom and Dad’s I steal some of their jars of Aunt Alice pickles to bring back home. 

I am just glad that pickles have no fat, calories, or carbs in them.  If it wasn’t for the sodium I would be set.


8 thoughts on “Sister Pickle

  1. Carolyn, I always knew I liked you! Alice’s pickles are the best! I just ordered extra pickles on my salad yesterday. It must run in the family. I hope we have a silent auction at the reunion this year so I can buy some more from Alice. 🙂

  2. I love pickles. But I love dill pickles, not sweet (although I have eaten them out of a desire to have some kind of pickle).

    I will join your pickle fan club any day. I’m thinking a pickle party, somewhere in the near future ;).

  3. I think Roman would be in heaven at your house. Spencer and I both dislike pickles so we just keep a jar around for Roman.

    One day my sister was watching him and she said he ate 9 pickles! :O I asked he why she fed him that many and she said he just kept asking for more. I usually limit him to 4 or 5 pickles a day. I mean he’s only a year old, how many does he think he needs! Oh yeah and he goes through a small jar a week!

  4. My bucket for girls camp was an old 5 gallon pickle bucket you would have loved it cause every time you would open it you would get a big wave of pickle smell.

  5. Kayla I think Al should just open up shop selling her pickles!

    Melissa I DETEST sweet pickles. The worst is when you think it is dill and then you bite into it and its sweet. GAG. Plus a pickle party would be so funny!

    Oh Wendy I love little Roman even more now!

    Em I would have loved that for sure 🙂

  6. I remember you doing this at the drive-in!! LOL I forgot about that until I read that..I remember we were all eating lunch and there is my Carolyn eating a boat of pickles! LOL, ahh..the good old days

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