Wide Open Spaces

I am not an outside girl.  I have never staked a claim on this title and I never will.  I don’t think camping is the all time greatest thing and I am not a hiker who eats trail mix.  I’m just not.  However growing up in Star Valley, and in particular my canyon, I learned to love the outside and the quite calm of the wide open spaces.  You grow accustom to this way of life and while you can adapt to the city and even learn to love living in one, there is always a part of you that yearns for wide open spaces.  A place you can breath and think and feel alone yet safe. 

Throughout my life I have always been able to count on the canyon I grew up in to help me feel peaceful.  Sitting on the porch in summer staring up the road while the wind blew the trees and the grasses.  The creek that runs next to the house flows softly by and you can go for hours with no one driving past.  You are alone, no neighbors, no cars, nothing but quite,  and I can find calm there.  It calmed me and made me feel like life was going to be ok. 

I miss home and I miss my canyon.  Living in SLC I never found a place that made me feel the same way as home.  There were always too many people, and it was always too far of a drive to find the kind of place I needed.  

However here where I live now I have been able to find the space that I crave.  Within 5 minutes I can drive out on the high plains and see nothing but fields of golden grasses with small snow capped mountains in the distance.  While the mountains are not the ones of my childhood the space and freedom this area provides me are.  Here the sky seems to never end.  Large white clouds and beautiful blue sky with the wind rushing by are like heaven to me.  I love it out there.  I can calm down and find peace and think.  I can feel free.