High School Memories

Today I was reading a headline about how the space shuttle returned to earth after their last attempt had been scrubbed and I started laughing thinking about what that meant in high school.  Why on earth we called things what we did I have no idea.  I tried using some of these phrases when I moved to college and people looked at me like I was crazy.  Here are a few of my favorites phrases and memories from high school that I can remember.  If I leave anything out let me know. 

  • Skode:  A Skode was a loser, a nasty person, or someone you just didn’t like.  If they were really nasty you called them skodie, “Oh sick he is so skodie!” 
  • Scrubbing:  To scrub meant to make out.  Here was a typical conversation, “did you hear that Betty totally scrubbed on Tom last night in his truck up the canyon?”  No one ever asked if you made out with someone, they asked if you had scrubbed with them yet.  Weird.  What a weird, weird term for this.
  • Got On:  This also meant made out, here is how it is used, “Did you hear that Betty totally got on Tom last night?”  Mostly it was used in a derogatory gossipy sort of way.  If you found out that someone got on someone else it usually meant scandal.
  • Stoner:  These were the kids who hung out in the very back parking lot of the Annex playing hackie sack on breaks and during lunch.  Nothing like stereotyping people you know nothing about. 
  • Cowboys:  The Cowboys would hang out in front of the heaters in the front entry way of the high school.  They were usually the only ones with real trucks complete with gun racks full of guns that back in the day were perfectly acceptable to drive on school property. 
  • Cruising Main:  Friday and Saturday nights back in the day when people used to cruise main, it was a happening place.  At the end of the school week people would ask if you were going to cruise and if so they would see you there.  The turnaround used to be the old car wash and the Homestead with the 7-11, and the Hi-Way Market as meeting spots in the middle for everyone to park their cars, look cool and blare their music for all to hear.   
  • Asking Out:  Do people ask each other out anymore?  I love that in high school if someone liked you and you liked them then your friends would broker the deal for you to “go out”.  “Tom totally likes you and wants to know if you want to go out with him” his friends would tell you and your friends.  After some careful deliberation you and your friends would decide if this was a wise choice or not and relay the answer back.  If the deal was struck you were then someone’s girlfriend many times without saying 2 words to your new boyfriend.  This is pretty much how I started dating my very first boyfriend.  Oh the good ol’ days!
  • School Store:  How many people can say that their high school didn’t have a real cafeteriato eat in?  Not one time did I ever eat at Afton Elementary, I usually ate at the school store.  I loved their pizza pockets, cheese burgers, and deep fat fried burritos with a little cup of real sour cream to dip it in.  Theircandy supply was endless and they always stayed right on top of the latest and greatest candy trends.  We would always walk over there first thing in the morning to buy a 25 cent pack of gum to start the day.  Going in the morning or on a break if you were fast enough was the only time you could make it to the front counter without being squished by the other 95% of people who also chose not to eat at the elementary school. 

3 thoughts on “High School Memories

  1. Ok, so your post took me back to the good old days! I actually drove up by the stake center today & as I passed the “school store” many of the same memories flashed through my mind! In fact it saddens me that my kids won’t ever get the chance to experience fighting their way to the front of the line at the school store so that they had time to eat while sitting in the hall or on the heaters! (My favorites were the chicken sandwiches, kiwi strawberry ocean spray & the monster cookies!) Or convincing teachers, usually seminary teachers that they need a school store run! Man those were the days!

    So I take it , many of the those phrases were just a SV thing huh? Who’da thunk?! lol

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