Monday Night Confessions


  • I can’t eat food at home with a big fork.  I have to use the smaller forks.  When I go out to eat I am fine with the big ones but not at home.  I am a freak.
  • Today for breakfast I was running late (there’s a big surprise) so I ate bbq potato chips.  Delicious and nutritious I’m sure. 
  • I have been frantically reading the past few days.  I have a 3 day training this week that I am going to and I was supposed to be all done reading all 6 books.  I am done with 1.25 so far.  Wish me luck reading the rest before Wednesday morning at 8:30!!
  • I am staying over in a hotel for the training and I won’t have Internet in my room (it costs like $14 extra  a night) and I think I might climb the walls with no Internet for that long.  I have serious addiction issues to the Internet and I don’t remember my life before it came along.  Honestly what did I do all the time without the Internet? 
  • I hate staying in a hotel without John.  I get so bloody scared out of my mind and I don’t sleep good.  I hear things and wig myself out.
  • I do love having per diem money to spend.  I get $44 a day for food and since I can’t eat $44 worth of food everyday that means spending money.  I love spending money, but with my luck it will snow the whole time and I won’t want to go out shopping.  Stupid snow anyway. 

Happy Monday Everyone!