Photo Contest

I am entering a local photo contest and I need your advice on my pictures.  The categories are Landscape, Sunrise/Sunset, Wildlife, Winter Activities, Summer Activities, and Cowboy Culture.  Here are the ones that I am thinking about entering, and I want to know if there are any that you think I should leave out.  Also my biggest question is on the flag picture, do you like the cropped version or the far away version? 




Mountains from TPrison


These all count for “Wildlife” right?


Bee copy

Sq copy






10 thoughts on “Photo Contest

  1. Flag picture – I like the cropped one! Those are very good! My favorites are the church one (love that one), the squirrel by the tree and the last one of the old gate. Both the church one and the old gate and would hang up in my house for sure, especially if they were black and white! Nice work!

  2. Wow! I love the church-house! Definitely some great pictures in there. I like the uncropped on better. I think it shows an entire image that is more familiar to a lot of people and would fit well with american life. Either way it’s an amazing photo. Good luck in the contest!

  3. I like the cropped one. I absolutely ADORE the boot one, the gate one, the chuch house, and the bee one. AMAZING pictures! Good luck! I don’t have the guts to enter into a contest. Lol

  4. Quickly, You’ve probably already entered, but for some reason, I feel like giving my two cents: Cropped on the first. Would be awesome if you could display with an art light on it! Uncropped would be fine, but it doesn’t speak very strongly, editorially. Love your talent, as I’ve tried to pick your brain once before. Not sure which scenery like the snow one but needs a little more bumping in color…? bee one is terrific, take a little off the left of the picture. And I recommend perhaps (!) not doing the gate photo, it seems those subject/mood always get entered… I’m done now 🙂 Good Luck, but you won’t need it!!!

  5. I think a square version of the flag or the crop you did. I think you should leave out the sunset with the power pole showing. I love all the rest. As with any contest the judging is subjective, but you are a winner in my book no matter what!!! See you on our little private blog.

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