The Beauty of Little Things

After yet another rough day I am trying to take a step back and put things into perspective.  I am trying to enjoy the little things that make me happy.  Trying to let go and relax and just let my trouble melt away.  This is much easier to do when you have 1/2 of a coconut cream pie in the fridge that is left over from Easter. 

Yesterday and today I was able to come home, to my cozy, peaceful little home that I love, dish me up some pie and crawl into my new bed and watch TV.  It is amazing what this can do for a person.  The bed helps too.  It’s a new bed that I had to promise my first born for it cost so much, but it was worth it.  We haven’t had a new bed since we got married 7 years ago.  It was time.  Climbing into my new, enormous, 10 foot bed with my pie, my loving husband, and Frasier reruns was just what I needed. 

As I savored my pie and willed myself to relax and unwind I had to keep reminding myself that life is about choices.  I have to choose how upset I get and how I react to things.  I have to remember that when people fail to meet my expectation and I get hurt that it is my own fault for expecting anything in the first place.  I place those expectations on people, they don’t promise me anything.  This is tough for me to remember.  I let my guard down and I let people in and then when things do not go as I feel they should I feel let down and sad. 

This next week will be a struggle to get through, but I have survived the worst of it I hope.  Now it is about mending my bruised ego, swallowing my pride and doing what must be done for my little family.  I am taking responsibility for my portion of this and moving on, one step at a time.  I am just thankful for my sweet husband who lets me cry, my dwindling pie, and that new bed of mine, the little things in life that make it seem like everything will be ok.  Here is to the beauty of little things in our everyday lives that get us through.

What are the little things that help get you through?


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Little Things

  1. The big picture…that’s about it…Knowing that in five minutes most the things I stress over won’t matter anyway. Good luck with the mending…

  2. Sorry to hear that things are rough right now. Taking a warm bath and finding a place that is quiet and just for me really helps me when I need some repair. Stay strong… you’ll get through it.

  3. Bunko. My one night a month that I get to myself. That is my little thing. It’s not much. But when you have 3 kids constantly begging for your attention and a husband who comes home and begs for your attention you look forward to that one night a month when you get to be yourself. And tonight it that night!!! And I need it!

  4. Going to the temple frequently does wonders for me. I’ve been having quite the pity party for myself lately and each time I’ve gone to the temple this month I’ve felt a little bit of my negative attitude disappear. If you aren’t able to go to the temple often try a priesthood blessing. I’ll keep you in my prayers…

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