I Heart Tori Amos

My BFF’s from college introduced me to the amazingness that is Tori Amos, and I have been a huge fan ever since.  She is a little crazy, but her piano skills are so awesome and I love her voice too.  She is on my top 5 list of performers that I would die to see in concert.  She also does a ton of cover songs during her concerts and she has some of the best bootleg songs around.  I am super excited that she has a new album coming out soon and I just bought this song yesterday and have listened to it over and over and over today.  It definitely helped make my day better. 

Just kidding, it won’t let me put the video on here.  But the song is called Welcome to England if you want to give it a listen, or you can listen to this guy sing her song.  It made me laugh.


4 thoughts on “I Heart Tori Amos

  1. I’ve seen her!!! And she was AWESOME! Sometimes it looks like she is humping her piano, but she is amazing!

  2. My husband has always loved her music, and I actually have not ever met anyone that likes her too. I was turned off when I saw the CD cover of her suckling a baby pig. She is a wierd-o. Jake falls asleep listening to her on his I-Pod. He would love to see her in concert, just don’t ask me to go with him!!

  3. Emily that makes me laugh so hard! She is a total freak, so I try to not look at her too much, and just listen to her. Thanks for the laugh!!

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