Monday Night Confessions


  • You know you have read/watched/listened to too much celebrity gossip when you have a dream you are with the paparazzi taking pictures of Lindsey Lohan and her stupid girlfriend.  I can’t stand either of them but they are like watching a train wreck and you can’t look away so you just stare instead, and then you have dreams/nightmares about it. 
  • I apparently need to cut back on my celebrity gossip again.  I did really good there for a few months, but it has sucked me back in.
  • I cooked tonight.  Like actually cooked.  While it may have only been spaghetti, it was homemade sauce.  Homemade by me and not John.  I even cut and diced and cooked it all by myself.  John only did the noodles. 
  • I wore my cute vintage apron while I cooked dinner and I thought again about how great my life would be if I could stay home and be a housewife all day.  I know it may not seem glamorous to all you stay at home mom’s, but to a working girl like me, it sounds like HEAVEN!  One day I will be that housewife. 
  • I went bowling this weekend and I didn’t break 70 on either game.  There are 2 things about this statement that are really sad.  1) I actually tried to get a good score, I wasn’t just goofing around and 2) I own a freakin bowling alley and I still suck. 
  • And for the Monday Night Confessions kicker…………………………………I watched Twilight and…………………………………………….I didn’t hate it.  Heaven help me. 

Happy Monday Everyone!


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