Monday Night Confessions

Monday again, I can’t believe how the weeks fly by.  Here are my confessions.

  • This swine flu thing is freaking me out.  I have been reading and watching too much about it.  John has finally had to start censoring me.  I am paranoid about getting sick and even more so now that I am pregnant.  So we now have a bottle of Purell sitting by the door so as soon as we walk in the house we use that while we put our things away and then we have to go wash our hands to make sure the house stays clean.  Mostly I don’t want to get something called Swine Flu.  The Black Plague sounded lots cooler than Swine Flu.
  • I am a sucker for marketing, I find it so intriguing.  I love to see what companies do to reel people in and then after telling John how genius their tactics are I go out and buy their product.  It really works on me.  2 cases to prove my point, 1) the other day at Safeway I was in the checkout line when they wheeled over the hot fresh french bread right by my line.  I couldn’t take it, I bought a loaf and ate a huge chunk in the car on the way home.  It smelled so stinkin good.  2) Last night watching Grey’s online with John the commercials were sponsored by Nesquick, you know that yucky chocolate milk stuff?  Well as soon as it was over I begged John to go to the gas station here and get us some chocolate milk.  He did. 
  • I ate at the Pita Pit for the first time last week, and I guess I don’t get it.  I didn’t think it was that great, it was like a subway sandwich on a pita instead.  Did I order the wrong thing?  People rave about it and I don’t understand why.
  • This weekend we went shopping in the “big city” that is a little over an hour away.  We first stopped at the real Mexican market they have there.  That place never ceases to amaze me.  The meat in the “cooler” looks green from sitting out too long, and the smell in the place about kills me dead.  The best part had to be the big open deep freeze that was full of honest to goodness spoiled frozen meat that they were trying to sell.  How does Code Enforcement not shut them down?  We only buy prepackaged food so I feel a little safer. 
  • At least one of my pictures, and maybe more made it into the top 10 of one of the catergories for my photo contest.  Public voting starts today and I can’t wait to go and see which picture(s) made it!   



3 thoughts on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. Yeah, I don’t get the whole Pita Pit thing either. I wasn’t too impressed. Smart idea about the Purell thing..I might have to do that too.
    And on another note, I LOVE your confessions. They are so fun. 😉

  2. Ok, Carolyn I am currently eating a pita from the pita pit and I have to convince you how great it is! I get the club which is ham,turkey, and bacon and I usually order hummus or my favorite babaganoush on it. I add my veggies and feta cheese and always the “secret sauce” which is their vinigrette. Don’t give up! 🙂

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