Scrabble Tile Jewelry

For Young Women’s the other night we made the most adorable jewelry out of Scrabble tile.  The girls loved it and it was a fun project for them to do.  Nicole found the idea (on Sugardoodle I think) and it turned out awesome, so if anyone needs a fun idea for an activity, or girls camp, or even a family reunion, this is perfect!

Here are the instructions:

Scrabble Tile Pendant Instructions


  1. cut template in notecard to choose paper
  2. trace scrabble tile and cut out paper just a little bigger
  3. use marker or paint to color edges
  4. brush tacky glue on tile
  5. glue paper onto tile
  6. let dry for a few minutes
  7. with letter side up trim paper around edges with utility knife
  8. file edges
  9. use a dot of glue stick to glue tile onto note card
  10. brush on modge podge over paper and edges, but   

                 not onto note card

11.let dry – snack time!
brush on triple thick edges, too.
13.while drying cut a piece of cord (start with about an arm’s length) and tie a loop in one end
14.once dry, remove from note card, scrape off any glue stick or paper off back with fingernail
15.glue on eye pin with super glue so that hole is perpendicular to tile
16.thread the end without the loop through and double or triple knot the other end
Go tell everyone you made your cute necklace all by yourself!!

Here is Nicole modeling her creations for me.


If you look close you can see that the one standing up by the marker is a ring.  If you have an old ring with a flatter top that you don’t wear anymore, they work perfect for gluing a tile on. 



Here is a close up picture of what the posts look like that you glue on the back.



And the finished product.



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