One Of the Many Loves Of My Life

I HEART mangoes.  I mean I love them, and for the last 2 weeks I can’t get enough of them.  Many times I end up eating a mango with dry toast and cottage cheese for dinner.  I had never had a mango before John came into my life.  There are actually a boatload of things I had never had until he came along.  He went on his mission to Mexico so he came back with a love for all of their yummy food and fruit, and mangoes are one of them. 

The best mango I ever had was at Mexican street fair thing they had in SLC.  When John brought it over it had salt all over it and I was so confused until I sank my teeth into it.  Oh My Gosh it was amazing!  They poured lime juice and salt over it and it was spectacular!  I have been trying to recreate it ever since with no luck, that is until we found a Mexican store in the big city we visit.  They have this lime flavored salt and it is almost as good as what they mixed up at that street fair.


If you love mangoes you should really try it with lime salt, it will change your life!  I am fairly certain that the sodium intake outweighs the good of eating fruit, but I don’t really care.


One thought on “One Of the Many Loves Of My Life

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about!!!! When we lived in Boise we used to go to a Mexican meat market place and they had mangos in a plastic bag with this red stuff and salt and they would have little limes cut in the bag with it and it was on a big stick. And after having one I was hooked! I still buy mangos and cut them up and I bought the salt stuff and squeeze lime juice on them and eat like three or four at a time! I too am an addict!!!

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