29 Years

Do you have certain birthdays that seem to be especially memorable for one reason or another?  I have a few that really stand out to me, and then I have others that I can’t remember to save my life.  Yesterday was my 29th birthday, and it will go down as a very memorable one, but let’s take a stroll down memory lane to a few others first. 

One of my first that was really memorable had to be when I turned 12.  It was the first time my mom really let me have a big party.  It was an end of the year party and I invited pretty much a ton of people from my 6th grade class.  I remember we had a camp fire and went walking up
Wiki-up.  I don’t know why it is such a vivid memory but it is.

Next would have to be my 18th birthday.  I was working at Gunnar’s Pizza and my favorite boss Kenny made me a cake that looked like Garfield and tasted like cigarette smoke.  I didn’t even like Garfield but he had the cake mold and it was very sweet of him.  It was a low key birthday, but I knew it was my last at home before I moved to SLC and it was surreal.

My 21st was great, but not for the usual reasons.  I had met the love of my life 2 weeks earlier and while he wasn’t able to be there on my birthday he did send me flowers.  The foreign flower people butchered his card but it was sweet just the same. 

My 24th was amazing because it was the day I graduated from college.  I couldn’t believe that I was finally done and it was a great day.  My best friend Terri flew up from Arizona to be there with me and my mom, dad, and grandparents all came.  It was a really awesome day that I will never forget.

And now to yesterday.  It was great, I came home from work and John had all of my presents stacked cute in a pile.  I love cute piles of presents, and I love pink wrapping paper. 


He also had made me this spectacular cake.  I requested my usual, cheapy little box strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting with coconut mixed in it and fresh strawberries.  I also wanted a pretty 2 layer cake and he pulled through!  Look at his handy work.




The reason it was so memorable?  Because on our way to dinner in the big city he got a call about the internship he had just interviewed for that day.  He got the job!  He was so happy and I was beyond proud of him, so why did it feel like the air was sucked out of my body and tears were streaming down my face?  Because his internship is in Alaska.  My husband is moving to Alaska for the summer and I have to stay here because of my job.  I don’t have an option of going with him.

I will always think about this whenever I go to Michael’s craft store because I cried all the way around the store.  I had a mini break down in the fake feather isle while soft rock from the 70’s quietly played overhead and John just hugged me and let me cry in a store.  And I didn’t even care that I was crying in the store, or who saw. 

He leaves in a week and a half.  So in case you wonder about my lack of posts for the next little while, don’t.  I will be spending all of my time with him before we are separated for 3 long summer months. 


5 thoughts on “29 Years

  1. I too have vivid memories of your 12th birthday and “making out” with your cousin. 🙂 Ohhh, the memories. And I can’t imagine being without my husband for 3 months especially while being pregnant, but I bet you two will grow even closer together because of it. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. If you need someone to talk to while he’s gone, you know how to find me. 🙂

  2. Happy late birthday! On another note, I’m so sorry he is leaving for the summer. If you ever need to cry to someone you can just give me a call.

  3. Oh no Carolyn! I am so happy for John and so sad for you. You will have to come over a lot so you don’t starve and I am sure Chase will put gas in your car 🙂 Let’s try to get together before he leaves.

  4. I too remember that 12th bday party!

    YEAH for getting the internship BOO for not being able to go with him! You will have to go & visit him at least once, Alaska is really pretty! Maybe you will just have to come up to Wyoming more this summer & visit!?!

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