I have been through a very wild 2 weeks.  I told you that John was leaving for Alaska for the summer and we got him off on Sunday.  The Tuesday before that my boss was riding her motorcycle and some lady ran a stop sign and hit her.  She is ok but had to have a few surgeries on her leg and will be out for a while.  This has meant that for the past week her job has fallen on me.  So I have been very busy with late night (11pm) budget meetings, getting John packed and on the plane and learning to be alone again.  It will make for some great blog posts I’m sure. 

As a side note I will be going home to SV this weekend and I have some time for pictures if anyone is interested.  It is $50 for a mini session (30 minutes) and I will be doing those on Friday evening at my parents house (up their canyon).  You can contact me at carolinebeth20@hotmail.com. 

I hope everyone has a great long weekend.  I will be back to my regular posting next week.


3 thoughts on “I’M ALIVE!!

  1. I am glad you have survived these last couple of weeks! Where in Alaska did he go? I am really wishing JR wasn’t working this weekend cause I would love some family pictures done! One of these trips we will hopefully get it to work!

  2. Where is SV?! I want you to take our family pictures!! It is hard to take our own! Anyway, I hope that things go well for you, and you can hit me up to talk whenever! Take care!

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