Weekly Gut Check

Week 16.



8 thoughts on “Weekly Gut Check

  1. That is cute!! That is a good idea. I was going to come get our pictures taken this weekend. But we had a b-day party for my nephew and then it was kindof stormy so anyway. I will catch you sometime.

  2. Yeah for baby bumps! I’m am so excited for you! Especially since you want a baby so badly!!! That makes it that much better. =)

    I so wish I could have gotten my pics taken by you! That would have been so awesome!!! Hopefully one day that will happen!

  3. 16 weeks? How did this happen? It seems like just yesterday that you were 12 weeks. What a cute little baby bump though! Still as excited as ever for you!

  4. You are so stinkin’ cute!! So sorry to hear about your hubby, excited for you both but it will be a long summer..bummer..I’m sorry I missed you, one for the pictures and two for not being able to just go get us some pickles at the drive-in! :o) I want to go check your mum’s store out and see if I just can’t live without something..i’m sure there is something!

  5. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    Wendy I can’t believe it is 16 weeks already too!

    Sade we totally should have went to the drive-in!! Next time we will have to for sure! I would love to hang out and visit again like we used to. Oh the good ol’ days huh?

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