An Update

Slowly but surely life is starting to get back to “normal”.  I have heard people talk about new normals and I think this is what they are talking about.  My life isn’t normal by a long shot, but I am setteling in.  Some days are terrible and others aren’t so bad.  I miss John like crazy but texting is the best thing ever.  I now have to really plan out my days so I remember to get everything done that he always did.  When he left I didn’t even know what days the trash guys came.  Now I know that and much more.  And if I hear one more person tell me this is going to make a better woman out of me I might kill them.  I didn’t want to be better, I just wanted to be me.  Me with a husband who didn’t move to Alaska for the summer. 

Tiny baby is getting bigger everyday.  I am terrified that John will get off the plane in 4 weeks (he is coming up for my ultrasound) and freak out because I will have changed so much in 6 weeks!  But I am super excited to see him, and he is super excited to find out what we are having.  He is so funny, he always said he never wanted to find out the sex of our babies, but the second I found out I was pregnant he was dying to know what it was.  It will be fun to know so I can start buying things.  I am proud of myself, I haven’t bought one thing yet.  Not one. 

Work is starting to settle in too.  My boss is doing much better and now I can call and e-mail about what I need to do with problems and it takes a lot of stress off.  I still have had so much extra work piled on top of my already super busy job, but having her available to answer questions is a lifesaver for me. 

I am kinda in a blogging rut.  Before we found out about Alaksa I had loads of blogging ideas and now I can’t remember any of them.  I can’t even remember how I came up with my other random blog posts.  Any suggestions?


One thought on “An Update

  1. You guys should try skype. You can get a cheap webcam from ebay or probably (dare I say it?) Wal Mart. My brother, Chad, skypes all the time and he says it’s a lot of fun

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