Bad Day

I am so upset, my external hard drive won’t work anymore.  It has all of my pictures on it from the last almost 2 years.  I don’t even know what to do I am so upset.  And I am furious at myself for not backing them all up online.  Ugh!  Here’s my advice, backup all of your stuff on a regular basis.  Wish me luck trying to find a way to get my stuff off of this stupid thing 😦


5 thoughts on “Bad Day

  1. oh my gosh, that is a totally sucky crappy day! Hope you are able to resurrect the hard drive. I am a little obsessed. I put everything on 2 hard drives so that if one crashes I have another.

  2. I’m sorry Caroline! If you remember the new hard drive I dropped a month after loading it up with ALL of my 15-20 thousand photos. Well, we just sent it off to get looked at. They want $2050.00 to fix it and recover all the information, because it is so damaged! We decided I’ll just have to miss them forever. Unless we get a bundle of money we’ll just hold onto it in hopes one day we can get it fixed.
    Since it wasn’t dropped you should probably be able to get your info off of it much cheaper and easier. It may be under warranty too. There are lots of things that may work to get you your info back. If your local peeps can’t help you try ADR. They are reputable.

  3. Wendy that is a good idea, I will have to do that.

    Shannon thanks for the tip on the company. $2050 is a TON of money! The highest quote we got was $1200. My cousin is going to try and fix it for me. So wish me luck.

  4. Hey, I had a problem with my CF card and desperately needed to get pictures off of it after it froze. I found this online service that will do it. I’m not sure if they can recover off of a hard drive but I wouldn’t be surprised. Here is the link I downloaded the product for like, $39 bucks and was able to get all my pics

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