Boredom Shopping

I have a REALLY bad habit called boredom shopping.  When I am bored and alone I buy random crap that I don’t really need.  Mostly it ends up being things that I have wanted for a while or wanted to try but when I am with John, my financial conscience, my Jiminy Cricket if you will, I never buy them.  So what do you think happens when he leaves me for the summer?  Oh that’s right I go shopping.

I like to wander around stores, and John and I usually do this but most of the time I won’t end up buying most of the stuff I want.  I will pick it up, carry it around and then before we leave I almost always put it back.  But that’s ok because I am not leaving the store empty handed, I have my husband with me.  But when I am alone, I just have to buy something, anything, it doesn’t matter.  If I go in a store I am going to leave that store with a purchase.  I don’t know why I do this, it really is a sickness of sorts.  If I am going to be honest, it isn’t always just when I am bored.  It happens a lot if I am super mad or stressed.  You should have seen all the random crap that I bought a few days before John left.  It was absurd but I couldn’t help myself.  I kept thinking it was going to make me feel better about the fact that he was leaving.  Of course it didn’t.

Anyways, here is a little picture of some of the stupid stuff I bought last night.


Really if John were here the only thing I would have bought would have been the lotion and those cream puff things because getting a treat at Safeway on the weekends is our thing, so that was a legit purchase.  Everything else you see there, the soap from BBW, the pillow, the cute little cookbook thing, the pasta sauce that looked good to me, none of that would have been purchased last night.  John should really take away my debit card and just throw a little cash my ways once in a while. 


2 thoughts on “Boredom Shopping

  1. me too me too me too! I am the WORST at boredom shopping, and can I tell you a secret. . .it’s so much worse when you have a baby. You see something that would be perfect for them, absolutely PERFECT and you just have to buy it, then you get home and realize that your almost 2 year old has 11 pair of shoes, 2 pair of boots, 2 pair of slippers, and 14 hats (That fit him right now, we aren’t talking about the things he has grown out of!) Oh it’s bad 🙂 But oh so fun! 🙂

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