Monday Night Confessions

 I am glad to be home from my whirlwind trip to Utah.  I had a jam packed schedule every day and it was nice to get home and finally relax and rest!  It was super fun and I was glad to get to do everything that I did.  I have 3 photo sessions I will post about in the next few weeks, and pictures of some of the fun things that I got to do. 

  • I put over 1000 miles on my sad little old car this weekend, and I did it all by myself.  I hate driving alone and especially that long of a drive, but I am pretty proud of myself for doing it. 
  • I think GPS systems are THE BEST THINGS EVER.  There is no other way to say that.  Everyone should have one.  It was by far some of the best money we have ever spent.  It was the only way I was able to make my trip to all the places I needed to go and not lose my mind.  Me and GPS lady are BFF’s after spending a good 5 days together. 
  • Tonight I tried to cook chicken all by myself.  Let’s just say that I should get some points for effort here.  I am glad that I am the only one who had to choke it down.  John sent me directions, but I got distracted and didn’t watch it close enough.  It was edible, but just barely.  John certainly didn’t marry me for my culinary skills, he married me for my many other non-culinary skills 😉
  • I have gained an outrageous amount of weight since John left and it is starting to freak me out.  I know that I technically have an excuse, but that doesn’t cut it for me.  I way over indulged on my trip and now I have to do better.  No more treats for me….
  • No more treats starting 5 minutes ago that is.  Stupid cream cheese pastry that I ate today.  It was SO good too.  Someone help me out here.  I am determined to not gain 100 pounds just because I am preggo.  Self control would come in handy right about now.  Does anyone know where I can buy me some of that!?!?  

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!


3 thoughts on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. car i loved the update! im glad that your trip went good. i whish i could have came up. i cant wait to come for your SHOWER! yaay! i love you! and you better not starve that tiny baby! if she wants cream puffs she gets them!

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