Monday Night Confessions

What should I confess this week….

  • How about the fact that today I was driving past Carl’s Jr. and wanted a shake so bad I could taste it so I slammed on my brakes and pulled in and got me one.  I would like to blame it on the baby and pregnancy cravings, but it wasn’t.  It was my gluttonous self only who wanted that shake.  And once I got it and had a few sips it wasn’t all that I had hoped and I threw the rest away. 
  • Tiny baby likes some sugar.  After only those few slurps on my shake today and this kid was squirming and moving and going crazy inside of me.  I told John that sometimes I feel like the old woman who swallowed the fly. 
  • Speaking of feeling the baby move, it is hands down one of my favorite things in the world.  When I am quiet and still at night reading or relaxing and I can feel baby softly moving around, it is like heaven for me.  It is the most amazing thing ever and I will always cherish this time that I have being pregnant.  It is amazing.
  • Last Friday I passed my Professional Human Resources (PHR) test.  This test has been hanging over my head for a year and a half and to have it done, and to have actually passed is a huge accomplishment and relief in my life.  I feel like I can breath again now that it is done.  First of all I have no idea how I passed because it was the hardest test I have ever taken, by far harder than any college exam I had.  Bonus is that I now get a raise since I passed!  I love extra money.
  • 2 amazing things happen this Friday.  First my Johnny comes home for 2.5 days and I can’t wait to see him.  It will have been almost 6 weeks since I have seen him last and I am beyond excited.  And second is that we find out what we are having!  It will be so fun to actually know what we are having and give the baby a name.

I hope everyone had a great Monday!


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