Where Is My Mind

I thought people made up that whole pregnancy brain thing, but I am a firm believer now.  I have done the DUMBEST things ever since being pregnant and I am afraid it will only get worse. 

Names have become my worst enemy which isn’t good in my line of work.  When you have employees coming into your office for help and you stare at them blankly, it’s not fun.  I usually try to get them to keep talking long enough that I can either remember their name or they will say something that will jog my memory for me.  Most of the time I have to just apologize and ask them to tell me their name again, and then I feel so stupid.

I put things in odd places.  I find myself trying to put a plate in the freezer, or a tomato in the spice cupboard.  Most of the time I catch myself doing it but I am not looking forward to the day that I don’t catch myself and find rotten food in my cupboards.  It is so weird, why do I keep doing this?

Our dishwasher is one of those portable ones that you have to roll across the room and then manually hook up to the sink and plug in to make it work.  So I was so proud of myself because I had gotten the whole house clean and all the dishes done.  I put in the dish soap and fired her up.  It was about 15 minutes later that I remembered I hadn’t turned the water on.  I was so relieved to see that I hadn’t burned up the motor, I really didn’t want to pay my landlord to replace it. 

Another appliance nightmare was the popcorn popper.  I love air popped popcorn so I decided to make some the other night while I was talking to John on the phone.  I got it all ready, poured the popcorn into the little measuring cup, set the bowl out and plugged it in.  Again I walked into the next room while it popped.  5 long minutes later I was wondering why nothing was popping yet, oh that’s why I didn’t actually pour the popcorn into the popper, I just left it in the measuring cup on top.  I was using a metal bowl too and burned myself moving it out of the way because steaming hot air had been blowing on it for 5 minutes. 

Anyone else having good pregnancy brain stories? 

Plus don’t forget to vote on if you think I am having a boy or a girl.  So far a girl is leading 6-0!  My psychic mother Madam Rhonda, as my sister calls her, says it is a boy.  She has almost a 100% accuracy rate, so this will be fun to see if I can break her psychic streak!


5 thoughts on “Where Is My Mind

  1. Hey! I have been thinking about you all week and can’t wait for tomorrow. PLEASE post here or text me or email me or something 🙂

  2. Shalee I will totally post here, and facebook and text and I am thinking about hiring a plane to write it in the sky 😉 I can’t wait to tell everyone!

  3. Yes, it will only get worse. We were trying to play Scattergories the other night with family, and I couldn’t think of a single word. Not one!! My brain was not functioning right. And, my poor kids never get called the right name. And, they are a boy and a girl. You know it is a proven fact that your brain goes a little off during pregnancy? My Dr. said it was true. All of the bloodflow is focused elsewhere, and the brain gets neglected. Just a little fact to tell those of you who look at you like you are crazy next time.

  4. Emily that is so funny about that game! Good to know that it is a true thing and that we are not crazy and making this up! I hope your baby comes soon for you!! Can’t wait to see pictures of him.

  5. I call it prenatal alzheimers. When I worked at Wells Fargo I got pregnant with my first and I gave someone $1,000.00 too much money back. Well, the person wasn’t an honest person, so my drawer was short a thousand dollars that night! They had to have a big investigation and everything to make sure that it wasn’t taken in-house!
    Just always put things in the same place everyday and you won’t misplace things! That’s a little tip for you. =) Also, you get more absent minded the more kids you have! Or at least I have. I have to writed down EVERYTHING or I just plain forget!

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