The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I am talking about my flights both to and from Alaska.

For the flight there and back I had to get on 3 different planes.  I left my house last Wednesday at 3:00 to go to my little teeny local airport to catch a commuter plane to Denver.  From Denver I got on a little larger puddle jumper to SLC where there was a huge plane waiting to take me to Anchorage.  Here is what went down:

My teeny little plane ride from here wasn’t too terrible.  A little bumpy and hot, but all in all not as bad as I thought it would be.  This is GOOD, nothing bad or ugly with this leg of my journey.

I get to Denver, quickly find my gate on the message board and book it to that terminal.  On the way I spot someone eating ice cream and I decided that I might die without some so I duck into a store and pay $5 for one single scoop of ice cream in a cup only slightly larger than a shot glass.  Ice cream in hand I make it to my gate to see the word “Delayed” on the board.  This is BAD, way BAD.  I only have a 30 minute connection in SLC to make my plane to Anchorage.  I go to the ticket counter lady and ask her what is going on, “well we have a plane” she says all cheerful, “but no flight crew”.  The mean look and bad things I said about the ticket woman are UGLY and I won’t repeat them.  Well then who cares about the plane if I have no one to fly it!  I am almost on the verge of tears as the minutes tick by and my ice cream runs out.  I text my Aunt in SLC to let her know about my plane and see if there is any way I could stay with her that night.  Finally the flight crew saunters up all nonchalant and boards the plane.  Finally we get on and are in the air, this is GOOD.

The second we hit the ground in SLC I text John to check the status of my plane.  My flight is set to leave at 9:05 and we hit the ground at 9:03.  As we pull past the Delta gate I get a sick feeling watching a plane pull out, that very minute John sends me a text telling me they left.  What he texted about them is also UGLY and I won’t repeat it either.  The plane leaving me is BAD!  I paid almost $900 for this ticket, I had it planned out so I would get 4 full days with my husband who has been gone now for 11 weeks.  My eyes begin welling up with the biggest crocodile tears you have ever seen.  I get off the plane, walk to the ticket lady and ask her about my flight, just on a hope that maybe John was wrong.  Nope he was right, they left me.  She directs me to the next terminal where I can talk to customer service.  It is all over now, I am tired after working all day, I am starving, I am hot, I am freaking pregnant, and now I am bawling walking down the hallway.  Just plain flat out bawling, almost sobbing, but I was trying to restrain myself a little.  This folks, is UGLY.  Me bawling my eyes out all preggo and left in SLC is UGLY.  I get to the customer service phone and call the lady.  She gets me on another flight for 11:30 the next day.  She then tells me she can’t get me a hotel, that I will have to sleep in the airport.  I cry even harder telling her there is no way I am sleeping in the airport,  to get my bag, and my sweet aunt is going to save me and let me stay at her house.  This is GOOD.  It is GOOD to have sweet Aunts, and nice Cousins in SLC who will pick you up and take you back the next day.  Thanks Brooke and Alice!

Finally I get to Alaska.  John has called United and we now have $350 in credit with them.  This is GOOD because they totally screwed me out of a day with John and I hate them SO much.

Flight back has to be better right?  Holy crap I wouldn’t blog about it if it were. 

Anchorage to SLC not too bad, I was stuck in a middle seat but I made it out ok.  Nothing GOOD, BAD, or really UGLY about this part.

I get to SLC which I love that airport since I know it the best and it is small compared to Denver, so this is GOOD.  I have 1.5 hours this time so no sweat, also really GOOD.  I find my gate, get myself some lunch and wait it out.  Well then about the time I am supposed to board they tell me that we now have NO plane.  Nothing.  Wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t only have 45 minutes to catch my puddle jumper back home that night  BAD BAD BAD.  20 minutes later we have a plane and we are boarding.  I am thankful I am in row 3 so I can get off fast.  We get all boarded and ready when the captain comes on and says, “Well, due to the bad weather in Denver, DIA won’t let anyone in, we will have to wait for clearance”.  Holy no way this is happening to me again, there is just no way, BAD and UGLY thoughts again, but no tears yet so this is GOOD.  Another 20 minutes pass and we finally are clear for take off. 

We land 5 minutesbefore my next plane is supposed to leave.  The plane that will take me home, home to my sweet soft bed and pillows I had been missing.  Again totally GOOD I was only in row 3.  I get off and book it to the departure board to find my gate.  It is really far away and it says they are boarding already.  I run downstairs to the terminal just as I hear my name being called over the PA.  “Carolyn, Carolyn, your flight is leaving as scheduled and is already boarded, again your plane is going to depart as scheduled”, holy BAD if they leave me.  “Please for the love of all that is good in the world don’t leave me” I pray.  I get a good hold on my bag and I run, not jog, full fledged run down the all time longest hallway you have ever seen.  I don’t run when I am not pregnant, so running when I am pregnant is UGLY.  Seriously, I don’t care who you are, it is UGLY to see someone loaded down with bags, preggo, hair flying, and running full speed.  Not only was I running full speed, but I was doing it in flip flops, and we all know that to run in flip flops you have to curl your toes up and pray they will stay on, lucky for me they did.  The ticket people see me running and shout at me to see if I am on their flight, “YES”, I scream back.  They turn to the other gal and yell at her to open the door and have them hold the plane.  This is GOOD.  I fling my ticket at the lady and don’t even stop to get the O.K. I just keep running my brains out.  I finally get on the plane, hot, sweating, out of breath and my leg muscles are twitching from running in flip flops, but I don’t care because I am on my way home.  Sweet Hallelujah I am going home! 

Home, I get home and wait for my bag only to find out I have no bag.  They picked me up too fast to get my bag on the plane with me.  I am now without makeup, or a tooth brush, or the large majority of my pregnant clothes.  I walk up to the ticket counter yet again and tell the young man working that my bag isn’t there.  He tells me he is sorry, which is great but he has the biggest lisp I have ever heard, and he looks at me like he isn’t all put together right.  This is BAD and UGLY of me, but I start to giggle.  Not really at him so much, just at the whole bloody experience.  And every time he opens his mouth to say something to me I start to giggle harder until I almost have tears running down my face.  I was so tired and this was the perfect ending to my terrible travel story.  I mean how much more fitting could it get. 

Just FYI, I have flown at least 30-40 times in my life, and this is the first time I have ever missed a connection, or lost a bag.  Don’t worry I got my bag back today. 

I had an amazing time in Alaska with John and will be posting more about it this week, but I had to share this story first because start to finish it is awesome.

Monday Night Confessions

I have missed a few of these bad boys.  Let’s get started shall we?

  • I thought about kicking a teenage kid in the teeth the other day at Kmart, but I had a good excuse.  A few posts down you will see my lesson from Sunday with the Almond Joy’s.  I always plan for a few extra handouts just in case I have extra people that day.  So I grab 4 bags and head to the checkout.  The 16/17 year old checker boy looks at my preggo belly, looks at my treats, looks at me and says, “Wow you must like really like Almond Joy’s  huh?”  How do you explain that you are using them for a church lesson handout to a kid who isn’t Mormon?  Punk.
  • I hate ketchup, but I like tomatoes.  But I don’t like soggy tomatoes, I have to have hard almost crunchy tomatoes or I won’t eat them.  I think it is sick when they get all slimy and ripe.  **Shudder**.  Also I have to have them diced up really small or I can’t swallow them without gagging.  People like my Dad who can eat them whole like they are apples about do me in.
  • Let’s talk more about gagging.  I am getting a little sick of puking still.  I am almost 24 weeks for crying out loud, does this ever stop?  I am never nauseous, but at least once or twice a week I still throw up my breakfast, this morning being one of those days.  I have thrown up more in the 2nd trimester than I did in the first. 
  • So you want to know what I do just to show my baby who is boss after he makes me puke?  I get to work, put my stuff away, and walk to the doughnut shop and buy me the best freakin looking doughnut and devour it.  I figure that I try to eat a good breakfast of egg whites with diced tomatoes, fat free cottage cheese and fruit, so that is my attempt for the day.  If I can’t hold that down and I can hold down a doughnut then so be it.
  • Dirty dish rags are one of my ultimate hatreds in the world.  When they sit there and get used and used and used until they smell like a rotten corpse and even after it smells like that someone picks it up and washes down the counter before putting food in that same spot, I don’t really like that so much.  In fact I won’t use a dish rag more than once for the most part.  I get a clean one each and every time that I need to wipe down the counters.  Then I throw it in the laundry basket and wash it up. 
  • Oh, I have never seen the following movies: ET (I think he looks freaky and have no desire to watch it), Breakfast Club, or Sixteen Candles.  Also I have never seen an episode of the old 90210. 
  • I think that Lady GaGa is a freak and I swore to never listen to her music, but after I finally did I bought 2 of her songs.  What is my problem!??!  Someone cut off my iTunes account!!


Happy 30th Birthday My Love

Today is Johnny’s birthday.  He is the big 3-0!  I can’t believe it.  His first birthday we celebrated together was his 22nd.  8 years of birthdays seems so crazy!  I think back to that first birthday when we ate at one of our favorite places in SLC, Tucci’s at Trolley.  We sat on the open patio to eat and he order fried calamari and I remember trying to not gag watching him eat them.  We weren’t yet engaged but we already knew we were getting married.  It was a magical summer for us.   

jc by you.

I love my husband for many many reasons but here are a few.

  • He can always calm my restless soul.  When I get stressed out he can always say what I need to hear.  He is my perfect balance.  He is always calm and never gets upset.  I love this so much about him.  I can always find peace when I am with him. 

IMG_5415 by you.

  • After being together for 8 years now he still does the most amazing, romantic things for me on a weekly basis.  I never have to ask or beg, he just comes up with the sweetest things and they all make me fall more in love with him everyday.  These little things make me feel amazing and I am in awe of him and his thoughtfulness.

lights by you.

  • Speaking of amazing, I have a box full of the most wonderful letters from my sweet husband.  He doesn’t talk much, but he writes me letters and I love and cherish them.  I got the box out the other day and re-read them all. 

J & T by you.

  • He takes the best care of me.  He never acts put out when I ask him to do something, he just does what needs to be done.  He cooks for me, packs my clothes for overnight trips for me, fills my car with gas for me, when I tell him I/baby is wanting a doughnut he never tells me no, instead he tells me to get 2. 

Me and John by you.

  • He works so hard at everything he does.  He puts so much time into school and is more dedicated than I ever was during my college experience.  He gets up super early everyday and studies.  When he is working at a job, no matter what job it is, he puts in 150%.  He will never let you down once he commits. 

nutcracker by you.

  • He loves church and the gospel and he carries me during my dark times when my faith is hanging by a thread.  He never complains about it, he just picks me up and helps me along. 

nutcracker2 by you.

  • He has the most amazing faith.  During our 6 year journey to conceive tiny baby he always told me we would be able to have a baby on our own.  There were times through these 6 years that I thought for sure I was going to break  in a million pieces and he wouldn’t let me.  He let me cry, he let me be angry, he let me be sad.  He just held me and scooped me off the floor and loved me when I thought I couldn’t go on anymore. 

me and john by you.

  • He can fix things.  He can change tires, change oil, change other car parts that I don’t know names of.  I love that I don’t have to worry about my car with him.

IMG_2131 by you.

  • He is going to make the best father I could have ever hoped for.  He will teach our son to be a great husband and person just like he is.

Devils Tower1 by you.

  • He indulges my photo habit, and if you haven’t noticed, my need to take self taken pictures of us!  What am I talking about, he indulges me in everything! 


YW Lesson #27 Handouts on Scripture Study

scripture study

I ran out of little bags to put my treats in so I will just let the girls take a handful when I pass it around.  Hope these can help.

Click here for the handout (this is a big file and might take a minute to open):  Scripture Study

Click here for the lower resolution handout (this is smaller and might open faster):  Scripture Study2

The Big Erickson Reunion

4th of July weekend has always been a reunion weekend for my side of the family.  It was started by my Great Grandma Emily and has grown and grown.  I call it the “Big” one because we now have a smaller version with just my 1st cousins on Labor Day weekend.  It was fun to be up that weekend and see everyone.  They camped up to Poker Flats, and I don’t camp so I just went for the day.  It was fun to go to Crystal Lake and watch the kids attempt to swim the ice cold lake. 

He is my nephew testing the waters.  Look at how cold he looks!  HAHA


Reed (Terri’s husband) decided that he wanted to not only swim in it, he wanted to dive head first into it.  Here he is getting pointers from my brother Nick, who let’s be honest has never dived head first into this lake in his life.


Ok there are a few funny things going on in this next picture.  1st you can see Terri on the right hand side looking non too pleased her husband is about to dive head first into a rather shallow lake, I like her hand on her hip!  You can see Reed is trying to pretend he doesn’t see her.  And the other funny thing is my little nephew Bubba showing Uncle Nick how brave he was for getting in, and freezing his butt off at the same time.  Poor sucker was so cold after that!


Here is Reed’s first dive.  He went twice.


I’m guessing the water is a little colder than what he is used to growing up with in Hawaii!


Here is my newphew again.  He was brave enough to swim for a second.


This is Clint and his first born baby T who I think looks a lot like him.


My niece Meerkat.


Tandango throwing rocks and being sad that he wasn’t allowed to swim with the big boys.


Ok this time they are all going to jump in, look at how brave they look.


Ok on second thought maybe not.


Me and Tiny Baby.


More Adventures With SPAM

Ok 2 Spam posts this close together is a little weird I will admit, but this time it wasn’t me cooking with Spam, it was my brother-in-law Reed


You see he is from Fiji, but lived most of his life in Hawaii and he says that they eat Spam a lot over there.

These are Musubi, and I was brave and tried some. 


First you start with a pan full of sticky rice.  Reed really smashed it in there.  


While the rice was cooking Terri fried up the slices of Spam that they had soaked in Soy Sauce.  Then they took the empty Spam can and used it to cut out their blocks of rice.


What do you do when you are done cutting out a block of rice?  Why fling it on a piece of seaweed of course! 


Top it with your fried Spam slice and drizzle a little more Soy Sauce on it.


Wrap it all up in seaweed.


Then you wrap it in plastic wrap to let it steam so the seaweed can get soft.  Once it is soft you eat them.


This was my very first time trying seaweed and it wasn’t too bad.  I only had a few bites because we had just eaten dinner, but I would probably try them again, they weren’t too bad at all.