My Trip To Utah

The first of June I went to Utah to take the wedding pictures for Ben and Amy, and also the baby pictures for Baby P.  It was an insanely long drive by myself and I will never do it again alone if I can help it.  But once I was there I had a great time.

I met up with my friend Wendy and had lunch with her and her sweet boy Roman.  Wendy and I have been friends for years now and this is the first time we have met in real life.  We began being friends on babycenter’s LDS board on a thread for Mormon gals dealing with infertility.  There is a group of us who now have a private blog and they have been a great support for me.  We had a fun lunch at Bajio.

Wendy Roman

My cousin Shanna let me stay with her.  I love staying with Shanna, she is one of my best friends.  Whenever I stay at her house her husband Matty is so sweet to sleep on the couch so that her and I can sleep in her huge king sized bed together and stay up all night and visit.  We never get much sleep, but we have a blast visiting and laughing all night. 

We ate out, Shanna made cinnamon rolls which I devoured, and we watched movies.  We also went shopping so I could get a few things from real stores while I was around them.  Can I tell you how much I miss real stores like Nordstroms?  Sigh.

I got to watch her boy Punk compete in his first ever triathlon, he did awesome of course.

Matty Punk

I loved on her sweet baby girl, they call her Tweeters.


Matty works part-time at Sundance, which is my favorite place on earth.  I don’t ski, but I go there almost every summer with Shanna and we ride the lift.  We usually eat at The Foundry restaurant there too, which is SO good.  If you ever want to be a sinner one Sunday, you really should skip church and go to brunch there, it is so yummy.  Please don’t stone me for sluffing church for good food, it’s a weakness.

Here is me and my weird twisted face riding the lift.

Utah trip

The view from the lift.


I haven’t ever seen my boyfriend Robert Redford there, but one day I am hoping to.  I love him!


We got off at the top and went for a short walk/hike.  Notice my sturdy hiking shoes I wore for the occasion.

Utah trip2

Shanna and her cute babies.

utah trip3

Can I even tell you how much I miss living in Utah?  I would love to move back to SLC one day.


3 thoughts on “My Trip To Utah

  1. Carolyn – It was SO much fun meeting you! I could have talked all day. Hopefully you can come again (not alone) and we can spend an entire day talking. . .which I am sure will still not be enough!

  2. Wendy we totally will!

    Shan I want to come again too, and this time stay for a week and having nothing to rush off to. I love hanging out! Plus I have more pictures for you of Punks race, and I still am working on your family pictures too.

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