John’s Weekend Home

A week and a half ago Johnny got to come home for the weekend.  It was amazing to see him again and I was so sad to see him leave again, but we had a super fun weekend while he was here.


He flew in on Friday morning at 8:30, he had taken a red eye from Alaska to make it home.  Before he left we scheduled my ultrasound and planned his entire trip around it.  It was important to both of us that he be there.  We had it planned for 3:30 which would have given him plenty of time to drive home from the airport, and take a quick nap before the appointment.  But we all know how doctors are.  2 days before he came home they called to tell me they would have to do my appointment at 10:00 instead.  Well that wouldn’t work because the the airport is over 2 hours away, and he had to pick up his rental car, so he would have missed the whole thing.  I freaked out and almost started crying on the phone to the poor girl who got stuck doing the doctor’s dirty work, so she was able to squeeze me in at 11:00 instead.  It was better than 10 so I took it.  They had to start without John, but the Dr was very sweet and felt bad about moving my appointment and knew about the situation so he took his time showing me the baby without showing me what we were having until John got there.  He was about 25 minutes late, but he came rushing in the room just as the Dr was running out of things to show me above the baby’s waist.  Not the way I imagined us greeting each other after 6 weeks apart, me laying on a table with my guts exposed and all, but it was still great.  As soon as John came in the Dr showed us that we were having a BOY!  We were beyond excited.

Baby Boy

After that we went grocery shopping, and to get us a treat and a movie.  We stayed home the rest of the night and just hung out. 

The next day the weather was really nice for a change so we played a game of tennis before we went shopping.  We wanted to buy a present for baby and I had a gift certificate that I won in a photo contest, so we used that and found baby a few fun toys.  We decided to go to the movie theater, which we hardly ever do, and saw The Proposal.  It was funny and we had fun. 

I have been wanting Spam sandwiches forever, and they make too many for one person so I had to wait for John to come home to make them.  I know that they might sound sick, but I swear on my life that Spam sandwiches are SO STINKING GOOD!  You have to try them, I promise you will love them.

Spam sandwhich

Sunday we packed a lunch of leftover Spam sandwiches and went to a pretty lake close to here in the mountains and had a picnic.


The bugs were a little bad, but we still had fun.  It was another beautiful day and I was glad we were able to spend it outside doing things we love. 



Only 15 more days until I get to go to Alaska and be with him again!


2 thoughts on “John’s Weekend Home

  1. Nothing like a good baby bump…and a good pic of your baby’s penis!!! Love it. And I’m not so sure about your Spamwich…you are definitely pregnant! LOL

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