My Baby Shower

My mom and sisters threw me a super fun baby shower when I was up over the 4th. 


Here are the 4 new Erickson boys.  L to R: Nick and Carissa’s baby, Me and my baby in my guts, Clint and Becca’s baby, Canda and Rob’s baby still in her belly. 


Mom had this great vintage china for us to use and I LOVED it!


The raspberry lemon water was great.


We had yummy desserts that were all set out so cute.


bshower6 by you.

They had these cute pom poms outside.

bshower7 by you.

These were the adorable party favors they made.

bshower8 by you.

bshower9 by you.

Cute random pictures.

IMG_3537     IMG_3514

IMG_3510     IMG_3493

IMG_3495     IMG_3497     bshower10

IMG_3506     IMG_3505

IMG_3501     IMG_3504

IMG_3509     IMG_3508

IMG_3507     IMG_3528

IMG_3519     IMG_3518

IMG_3517     IMG_3515

They put in so much work and I appreciated it so much.  It was so fun!

Thanks Mom, Randa, Halie, Terri and Ali I love you!


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