More Adventures With SPAM

Ok 2 Spam posts this close together is a little weird I will admit, but this time it wasn’t me cooking with Spam, it was my brother-in-law Reed


You see he is from Fiji, but lived most of his life in Hawaii and he says that they eat Spam a lot over there.

These are Musubi, and I was brave and tried some. 


First you start with a pan full of sticky rice.  Reed really smashed it in there.  


While the rice was cooking Terri fried up the slices of Spam that they had soaked in Soy Sauce.  Then they took the empty Spam can and used it to cut out their blocks of rice.


What do you do when you are done cutting out a block of rice?  Why fling it on a piece of seaweed of course! 


Top it with your fried Spam slice and drizzle a little more Soy Sauce on it.


Wrap it all up in seaweed.


Then you wrap it in plastic wrap to let it steam so the seaweed can get soft.  Once it is soft you eat them.


This was my very first time trying seaweed and it wasn’t too bad.  I only had a few bites because we had just eaten dinner, but I would probably try them again, they weren’t too bad at all.


4 thoughts on “More Adventures With SPAM

  1. Carolyn I grew up eating Spam Musubi… you may need to try spam and shoyu eggs next… I know, gross, but kind of good. My mom makes spam and eggs all the time for my nephews in SG. They love it. Yeah!!! I’m so happy Reed is in the family and I’m not the lone weird Poly, who likes weird food.

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