The Big Erickson Reunion

4th of July weekend has always been a reunion weekend for my side of the family.  It was started by my Great Grandma Emily and has grown and grown.  I call it the “Big” one because we now have a smaller version with just my 1st cousins on Labor Day weekend.  It was fun to be up that weekend and see everyone.  They camped up to Poker Flats, and I don’t camp so I just went for the day.  It was fun to go to Crystal Lake and watch the kids attempt to swim the ice cold lake. 

He is my nephew testing the waters.  Look at how cold he looks!  HAHA


Reed (Terri’s husband) decided that he wanted to not only swim in it, he wanted to dive head first into it.  Here he is getting pointers from my brother Nick, who let’s be honest has never dived head first into this lake in his life.


Ok there are a few funny things going on in this next picture.  1st you can see Terri on the right hand side looking non too pleased her husband is about to dive head first into a rather shallow lake, I like her hand on her hip!  You can see Reed is trying to pretend he doesn’t see her.  And the other funny thing is my little nephew Bubba showing Uncle Nick how brave he was for getting in, and freezing his butt off at the same time.  Poor sucker was so cold after that!


Here is Reed’s first dive.  He went twice.


I’m guessing the water is a little colder than what he is used to growing up with in Hawaii!


Here is my newphew again.  He was brave enough to swim for a second.


This is Clint and his first born baby T who I think looks a lot like him.


My niece Meerkat.


Tandango throwing rocks and being sad that he wasn’t allowed to swim with the big boys.


Ok this time they are all going to jump in, look at how brave they look.


Ok on second thought maybe not.


Me and Tiny Baby.



One thought on “The Big Erickson Reunion

  1. Laughing my head off about Nick giving pointers to Reed! I am so glad Reed is a better diver than me. I couldn’t watch cause I pictured him hitting a rock or something and getting injured. So glad he’s a good diver!Fun pictures!

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