Happy 30th Birthday My Love

Today is Johnny’s birthday.  He is the big 3-0!  I can’t believe it.  His first birthday we celebrated together was his 22nd.  8 years of birthdays seems so crazy!  I think back to that first birthday when we ate at one of our favorite places in SLC, Tucci’s at Trolley.  We sat on the open patio to eat and he order fried calamari and I remember trying to not gag watching him eat them.  We weren’t yet engaged but we already knew we were getting married.  It was a magical summer for us.   

jc by you.

I love my husband for many many reasons but here are a few.

  • He can always calm my restless soul.  When I get stressed out he can always say what I need to hear.  He is my perfect balance.  He is always calm and never gets upset.  I love this so much about him.  I can always find peace when I am with him. 

IMG_5415 by you.

  • After being together for 8 years now he still does the most amazing, romantic things for me on a weekly basis.  I never have to ask or beg, he just comes up with the sweetest things and they all make me fall more in love with him everyday.  These little things make me feel amazing and I am in awe of him and his thoughtfulness.

lights by you.

  • Speaking of amazing, I have a box full of the most wonderful letters from my sweet husband.  He doesn’t talk much, but he writes me letters and I love and cherish them.  I got the box out the other day and re-read them all. 

J & T by you.

  • He takes the best care of me.  He never acts put out when I ask him to do something, he just does what needs to be done.  He cooks for me, packs my clothes for overnight trips for me, fills my car with gas for me, when I tell him I/baby is wanting a doughnut he never tells me no, instead he tells me to get 2. 

Me and John by you.

  • He works so hard at everything he does.  He puts so much time into school and is more dedicated than I ever was during my college experience.  He gets up super early everyday and studies.  When he is working at a job, no matter what job it is, he puts in 150%.  He will never let you down once he commits. 

nutcracker by you.

  • He loves church and the gospel and he carries me during my dark times when my faith is hanging by a thread.  He never complains about it, he just picks me up and helps me along. 

nutcracker2 by you.

  • He has the most amazing faith.  During our 6 year journey to conceive tiny baby he always told me we would be able to have a baby on our own.  There were times through these 6 years that I thought for sure I was going to break  in a million pieces and he wouldn’t let me.  He let me cry, he let me be angry, he let me be sad.  He just held me and scooped me off the floor and loved me when I thought I couldn’t go on anymore. 

me and john by you.

  • He can fix things.  He can change tires, change oil, change other car parts that I don’t know names of.  I love that I don’t have to worry about my car with him.

IMG_2131 by you.

  • He is going to make the best father I could have ever hoped for.  He will teach our son to be a great husband and person just like he is.

Devils Tower1 by you.

  • He indulges my photo habit, and if you haven’t noticed, my need to take self taken pictures of us!  What am I talking about, he indulges me in everything! 



2 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday My Love

  1. Thanks for the sweet post my love. You are far too kind. Saying that someone is in their 30s takes on a whole new meaning now. That used to include people older than me, well now I fit the 30s category – that’s strange. I can’t wait to see you in a couple of days.

  2. Happy Birthday John! Hope you have an amazing day and we are excited to see you in a month!! That was a super sweet post Carolyn..love the pics!

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