Monday Night Confessions

I have missed a few of these bad boys.  Let’s get started shall we?

  • I thought about kicking a teenage kid in the teeth the other day at Kmart, but I had a good excuse.  A few posts down you will see my lesson from Sunday with the Almond Joy’s.  I always plan for a few extra handouts just in case I have extra people that day.  So I grab 4 bags and head to the checkout.  The 16/17 year old checker boy looks at my preggo belly, looks at my treats, looks at me and says, “Wow you must like really like Almond Joy’s  huh?”  How do you explain that you are using them for a church lesson handout to a kid who isn’t Mormon?  Punk.
  • I hate ketchup, but I like tomatoes.  But I don’t like soggy tomatoes, I have to have hard almost crunchy tomatoes or I won’t eat them.  I think it is sick when they get all slimy and ripe.  **Shudder**.  Also I have to have them diced up really small or I can’t swallow them without gagging.  People like my Dad who can eat them whole like they are apples about do me in.
  • Let’s talk more about gagging.  I am getting a little sick of puking still.  I am almost 24 weeks for crying out loud, does this ever stop?  I am never nauseous, but at least once or twice a week I still throw up my breakfast, this morning being one of those days.  I have thrown up more in the 2nd trimester than I did in the first. 
  • So you want to know what I do just to show my baby who is boss after he makes me puke?  I get to work, put my stuff away, and walk to the doughnut shop and buy me the best freakin looking doughnut and devour it.  I figure that I try to eat a good breakfast of egg whites with diced tomatoes, fat free cottage cheese and fruit, so that is my attempt for the day.  If I can’t hold that down and I can hold down a doughnut then so be it.
  • Dirty dish rags are one of my ultimate hatreds in the world.  When they sit there and get used and used and used until they smell like a rotten corpse and even after it smells like that someone picks it up and washes down the counter before putting food in that same spot, I don’t really like that so much.  In fact I won’t use a dish rag more than once for the most part.  I get a clean one each and every time that I need to wipe down the counters.  Then I throw it in the laundry basket and wash it up. 
  • Oh, I have never seen the following movies: ET (I think he looks freaky and have no desire to watch it), Breakfast Club, or Sixteen Candles.  Also I have never seen an episode of the old 90210. 
  • I think that Lady GaGa is a freak and I swore to never listen to her music, but after I finally did I bought 2 of her songs.  What is my problem!??!  Someone cut off my iTunes account!!



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