Cute Idea

I am in love with these cute homemade pumpkins.  Now I just need to find someone with a sewing machine who would be willing to help me make a bunch of these.  Or better yet, just let me give them money to make them for me!  Ok just kidding I would really like to learn to do them myself.  I have never really sewn in my life but I think I could totally make these.  Aren’t they so cute?

Here is the blog with all the info on how to make them: 
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In Honor Of The First Day Of School

Here I am all dressed up and ready to go on one of my first days of school.  I don’t remember if this was Kindergarten or First Grade.  But look at how sweet my bolo tie made out of ribbon is.  It has been 5 years now since I have had my own first day of school and I feel a little left out so I will post my memories of the first day of school.  

I would always get so nervous the night before, it felt like Christmas Eve when you get butterflies and you can’t sleep.  Dad always gave us a Father’s Blessing the night before and I looked forward to it every year.

I would have agonized for days, sometimes weeks over what to wear that first day.  It had to be the coolest, cutest thing your Mom bought you that year, and you couldn’t wear just anything.  It had to be perfect.

The morning of the big day Mom would come and wake us up for family scriptures where we would drag our sorry tired bodies down to her room to lay on her bed while she read a few chapters to us and we dozed back to sleep in her warm bed.

Next it was a mad rush for the bathroom and to get ready.  Mom would make us hot cereal or pancakes for breakfast, and when I got in high school and was too cool to sit down with my little brother and sister to eat breakfast she would fry me an egg white and put it on a piece of toast so I could it in the car on the way to school, but she always had us a hot breakfast no matter what.

When we were younger and went to Osmond Elementary we would ride the bus.  Our bus driver knew we were always running late so he would honk when he went by our house up the road to pick up the other kids and that meant we had about 5 more minutes to get out the door before he left us.  I think he took pity on my Mom and the fact that she had so many kids to get ready for school so he would usually wait for us.  We would run out and stand by that big pole you can see in my picture on the days we were actually ready on time.

When we got older and into Junior High my mom would take us to school almost everyday so we wouldn’t have to ride the bus with the big kids who swore and were mean.  I  loved that I didn’t have to ride the bus that much, it was much nicer to ride with her and not have to leave the house as early.  This was only until we were old enough to drive and then we drove ourselves to school in whatever sweet beater car my Dad rounded up for us.  I am not complaining by the way, a beater car was a whole lot better than no car at all.

My first day at the University of Utah I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous.  It was such a huge campus and I thought I would never make it to all my classes on time, and if I didn’t practically run to one of them I wouldn’t have made it on time.  I got this nervous each and every semester too, it never got much better for me.

I am SO glad to be done with school and my own First Day of School.  Now in a few years I can turn into a basket case when I send my sweet baby off for his First Day.     

Big Love Anyone??

Big Love Season 3 on HBO Television Poster

Did I ever tell you that I actually knew and worked with real life polygamists?  It’s true, I did.  Here’s the thing, they weren’t creepy old dudes, they were young guys who worked at The Bay with me.  There were 3 brothers who worked there and they were all from different moms, but the same dad.  They dressed really nice and their dad owned some big cabinet making shop.  Oh and they had nice cars.

When my boss Jason first told me they came from a polygamist family I thought he was kidding.  He was kinda full of crap most of the time and I didn’t believe much that he said.  But one night talking to one of the boys, his name was Sam, he told me it was true.  It was wild.  Want to know what was even more wild?  The fact that one of his brothers who also worked at The Bay got married to a really cute non-polygamist girl.  They were both around 21 or 22 at the time.  I kid you not it was about 9 months later and Jason told me that he married ANOTHER girl!!!  I was freaking dying.  And I knew this was true because both of his “wives” were pregnant at the same time and one of the babies came early and was at Primary Children’s during the same time I was volunteering there and I saw him and his 2nd wife who was still pregnant in the snack room!

I guess I just don’t get it.  I don’t.  I would never, ever in a million years agree to that lifestyle.  And at that young of an age?  Neither of those girls got to really be a newlywed.  Could you imagine watching your husband marry some other girl and be ok with it?  I know I am not alone on this.

Plus I don’t know why I blogged about this, I just love to blog about random things from my past!! I think I need help….

Weekly Gut Check & Baby Update

29 Weeks

29 Weeks! 

So time is now flying by and Tiny Baby will be here before I am ready!  The panic mode has kicked in full force and I am trying to control myself but the cleaning and organizing has consumed my life since John has gotten home.  We got his nursery painted and as soon as I get the furniture in I will post pictures.  But that means I need to actually buy furniture for his room!

I had an ultrasound last week and they estimated he weighed 4.1 lbs, um that was at week 28!  Hopefully they are really really wrong, otherwise this kid is coming in mid October.  But here’s the thing, he CAN’T come a day before the 6th of November because that is my last day of work before I start my leave.  At least it was confirmed that he is a huge child and it’s not all me 🙂

I have been feeling really great and I am still adoring being pregnant.  This is an amazing time in my life and I am trying desperately to soak it all in before it is over.  More regular posts to come this week I promise!

The Day Has Finally Arrived

After 14 long weeks John comes home tomorrow.  I can’t believe I have made it 14 whole weeks but I did.  I am more than excited to have him come home.  He has had an amazing summer and he got to experience so many wonderful things in Alaska.  He met some great people who will be good contacts, and he gained a tremendous amount of work experience.  We have been very blessed by this internship, and will continue to be throughout the school year as they have agreed to let him continue to work for them 20 hours a week.  This means that when I have to go back to work after the baby is born that he can work from home and be with the baby for the majority of the day, which is priceless for me.  I am so proud of John and how much he has grown in his field this year, and mostly I can’t wait to have him back home with me and Tiny Baby!!!

Alaska 2009 by you.

Final Day in Alaska

On our final day we got up early again and put on our hiking clothes for one more fun hike in Alaska before I left.  We went to Thunderbird Falls and it was a great little hike and very pretty.  The mosquitoes however ate us alive, mostly John because he wouldn’t put his coat on that had a hood to cover his neck.  We were there so early that we had the place to ourselves which was great. 









While John got to hike to a spot that had a better view he wouldn’t let me come because it was really steep.  So instead I snuck down right by the river.  He was a little worried about how he was going to drag my pregnant self out of there but I had already found a quick easy way back up so he wasn’t too mad after that.


After our hike we hurried and got ready for the day so we could run downtown again and see more of the shops.  We also went to a great restaurant for lunch and found a few souvenirs.



This is the lady who sells reindeer sausages.  John tried one and promised to never make me try it.  He is my taste tester, he always tries things first and he will tell me if I will like it or not.


I mentioned in my post yesterday about all the REAL fur around Alaska, well this day we went into a few of the retail shops to check it out again.  I have never seen or tried on real fur wraps and coats before, but I won’t lie, I am sold.  If I had one I would sleep in the stupid thing it is so nice and soft!

I don’t remember what dead animal this was made of, but it’s sure pretty huh?

ak38 by you.

This is the full length Mink coat I told John to buy me.  It really is very practical, I could wear it when we go out to dinner at Wendy’s and Chili’s and other fancy places like that.

ak45 by you.

He politely declined when he looked at the price tag. 


We didn’t take the Trolley because it took you on an hour long tour and we didn’t have time.


I love a good vintage sign.


And only in Alaska do you see someone walking their pet reindeer in the park.  If I would have had a video camera you could have seen the reindeer was actually walking him most of the time!


After downtown John made dinner for his boss Nan, her son, and for Mark, the guy that he is renting a room from in Alaska.  Mark and Nan are actually dating and Nan is the one who made it so John could live there for the summer which we greatly appreciated.  Here a few pictures of the condo.

IMG_6528 by you.

Mark builds and flys these little airplanes.

IMG_6527 by you.

John’s bathroom.

IMG_6523 by you.

Mark’s nice kitchen.

IMG_6522 by you.

John’s room.

IMG_6521 by you.

It was awesome to have a nice place to stay while I was there so we didn’t have to spend money on a hotel.  I had an amazing time getting to see my husband for a few days, and getting to see part of Alaska.  Next time I would like to stay for 2 weeks and really see it all.