Alaska Day 3

Day 3 was just as packed with things to do as the other days.  We got up at a good time so we could go downtown to the market they have.  It is a big swap meet basically.  If you have ever been to Honolulu, it reminds me of that swap meet only smaller.  It is the best and cheapest places to get souvenirs. 



I have another post about this tomorrow but seriously the fur sales in Alaska are crazy!  I don’t know how they don’t have PETA people after them all the time.  They have lots of vendors just selling pelts and for some reason it made me laugh. 

Weasel anyone?


They even still had their head parts and a big ring going through there eyeball socket to hang them up.  It was so gross!


But the find of the day has to be this next one.   Don’t be surprised when you see one under your Christmas tree from me!

It is Rudolph’s freakin leg for sale!! HA HA HA so sick.


The best part of my day was the funnel cake.  This is what I look forward to the most every summer and I was pumped to have found a vendor selling them at market.


So after we went to the market we stopped by the mall to buy me a few maternity skirts and to make tiny baby a stuffed moose from Build A Bear.  It was fun. 

After that we ran to the park next to where we parked so we could hunt down and take a picture of none other than Sarah Palin herself!  It was her last official day as Governor and she was throwing herself a goodbye party for the residents of Anchorage.


I shouted and told her that my Dad loved her and wanted to have her babies, but she didn’t even act like she heard and I know she did.  He does love her you know, him and everyone else I know it seems.  But no one loves her more than my sister Randa and her husband Jerrod.  Rumor has it they are both going to campaign for her…


It started raining a little once we got home but we really wanted to go hiking to a place called Flattop so we bundled up and went.  We didn’t go to the top because my guts are way to big for that, but we went on the Blueberry Loop trail that circled the mountain.

That is Anchorage behind us.



I have never seen clouds and fog roll in faster than I have here.  The whole mountain we were on was covered in only a few minutes.  It was pretty to watch.


Here we are wet and cold but still having a good time.


We went home and changed into dry clothes so we could go out to dinner and to rent a movie.  John also found this awesome grocery store with an amazing bakery where we went and got a treat to watch a movie with, which is our tradition when we are home.  It was a great 3rd day.