The Day Has Finally Arrived

After 14 long weeks John comes home tomorrow.  I can’t believe I have made it 14 whole weeks but I did.  I am more than excited to have him come home.  He has had an amazing summer and he got to experience so many wonderful things in Alaska.  He met some great people who will be good contacts, and he gained a tremendous amount of work experience.  We have been very blessed by this internship, and will continue to be throughout the school year as they have agreed to let him continue to work for them 20 hours a week.  This means that when I have to go back to work after the baby is born that he can work from home and be with the baby for the majority of the day, which is priceless for me.  I am so proud of John and how much he has grown in his field this year, and mostly I can’t wait to have him back home with me and Tiny Baby!!!

Alaska 2009 by you.