Big Love Anyone??

Big Love Season 3 on HBO Television Poster

Did I ever tell you that I actually knew and worked with real life polygamists?  It’s true, I did.  Here’s the thing, they weren’t creepy old dudes, they were young guys who worked at The Bay with me.  There were 3 brothers who worked there and they were all from different moms, but the same dad.  They dressed really nice and their dad owned some big cabinet making shop.  Oh and they had nice cars.

When my boss Jason first told me they came from a polygamist family I thought he was kidding.  He was kinda full of crap most of the time and I didn’t believe much that he said.  But one night talking to one of the boys, his name was Sam, he told me it was true.  It was wild.  Want to know what was even more wild?  The fact that one of his brothers who also worked at The Bay got married to a really cute non-polygamist girl.  They were both around 21 or 22 at the time.  I kid you not it was about 9 months later and Jason told me that he married ANOTHER girl!!!  I was freaking dying.  And I knew this was true because both of his “wives” were pregnant at the same time and one of the babies came early and was at Primary Children’s during the same time I was volunteering there and I saw him and his 2nd wife who was still pregnant in the snack room!

I guess I just don’t get it.  I don’t.  I would never, ever in a million years agree to that lifestyle.  And at that young of an age?  Neither of those girls got to really be a newlywed.  Could you imagine watching your husband marry some other girl and be ok with it?  I know I am not alone on this.

Plus I don’t know why I blogged about this, I just love to blog about random things from my past!! I think I need help….

8 thoughts on “Big Love Anyone??

  1. Yeah so sick huh?!?!

    Lisa they weren’t at our church, I saw them at the Primary Children’s hospital in SLC. I would have died if they actually walked in to one of our churches!

  2. As JR would say “Who would want more than one wife?!” (I must be mean or something!) =)

    You have got to read the book “Escape” by Carolyn Jessop. It is absolutely unreal. That book was a real eye opener for me on how life really is for these people. She was one amazing lady!

  3. Lyndi I have heard that is a good book. I will have to make sure I read it. Plus John has said the exact same thing about more than one wife so I must be mean too!! ha ha!

  4. When I worked at Wal Mart in St. George Polygamists came in all the time and the wives couldn’t talk to us (the cashiers) unless their husband gave them permission. That made it really hard for me to respect a woman who would submit so completely to a husband’s irrational control. Religion or not, you know it doesn’t come from God when you don’t get to have a voice and be heard. I just wanted to shake those women and say “You could be SO MUCH MORE!”

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