In Honor Of The First Day Of School

Here I am all dressed up and ready to go on one of my first days of school.  I don’t remember if this was Kindergarten or First Grade.  But look at how sweet my bolo tie made out of ribbon is.  It has been 5 years now since I have had my own first day of school and I feel a little left out so I will post my memories of the first day of school.  

I would always get so nervous the night before, it felt like Christmas Eve when you get butterflies and you can’t sleep.  Dad always gave us a Father’s Blessing the night before and I looked forward to it every year.

I would have agonized for days, sometimes weeks over what to wear that first day.  It had to be the coolest, cutest thing your Mom bought you that year, and you couldn’t wear just anything.  It had to be perfect.

The morning of the big day Mom would come and wake us up for family scriptures where we would drag our sorry tired bodies down to her room to lay on her bed while she read a few chapters to us and we dozed back to sleep in her warm bed.

Next it was a mad rush for the bathroom and to get ready.  Mom would make us hot cereal or pancakes for breakfast, and when I got in high school and was too cool to sit down with my little brother and sister to eat breakfast she would fry me an egg white and put it on a piece of toast so I could it in the car on the way to school, but she always had us a hot breakfast no matter what.

When we were younger and went to Osmond Elementary we would ride the bus.  Our bus driver knew we were always running late so he would honk when he went by our house up the road to pick up the other kids and that meant we had about 5 more minutes to get out the door before he left us.  I think he took pity on my Mom and the fact that she had so many kids to get ready for school so he would usually wait for us.  We would run out and stand by that big pole you can see in my picture on the days we were actually ready on time.

When we got older and into Junior High my mom would take us to school almost everyday so we wouldn’t have to ride the bus with the big kids who swore and were mean.  I  loved that I didn’t have to ride the bus that much, it was much nicer to ride with her and not have to leave the house as early.  This was only until we were old enough to drive and then we drove ourselves to school in whatever sweet beater car my Dad rounded up for us.  I am not complaining by the way, a beater car was a whole lot better than no car at all.

My first day at the University of Utah I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous.  It was such a huge campus and I thought I would never make it to all my classes on time, and if I didn’t practically run to one of them I wouldn’t have made it on time.  I got this nervous each and every semester too, it never got much better for me.

I am SO glad to be done with school and my own First Day of School.  Now in a few years I can turn into a basket case when I send my sweet baby off for his First Day.